Why You Should Never Use Dot TK Domain

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    In this internet world, everyone who surf internet wants it’s on the web address or on identity on the web.

    Many new webmasters in India is almost a student and they don’t have an enough money for hosting and domain address.

    So what they do?

    Simply Google about a free domain and many links suggest to used a Dot TK domain and complete details and instruction about how to use and add-on blogger or on many free Webhost.

    Why everyone used a Dot TK, it’s a top-level domain and it’s not like any sub-domain which hosted by a free web host. But if you still use Dot TK domains for your blog or personal website then read this reason you don’t use Dot TK domains. This article explains every reason which was experienced by me.

    Why You Should Not Use Dot TK Domain

    Below i listed many reason for why you don’t use dot.tk domains.

    1. SEO
    SEO[Search Engine Optimization] its key role in any website success, but if you use dot.tk domains for your blog or website search engine website not prioritized your content if you wrote an original content.

    Any copycat or content thief get higher ranking using a top-level domain, and your content get penalized why? the reason is it’s produced on dot.tk domains.

    With dot.tk domains you can’t get a first place in any search engine and having dot.tk domains affect your branding which is important in blogging or internet world.

    If you Use dot.tk domains your URL looking short but search engine not cares.

    Note: Write a quality articles and bit SEO helps you to get the best place in search engines.

    2. Advertisement
    Nowadays the main reason for start a blog is making some extra income. This income generates using many ways, but a most popular method applied for Google Adsense.

    Google Adsense is a height of advertising and if you able to get the account on it then you are lucky. But Google Adsense membership for dot.tk domains are like a viewing a dreams with open eyes.

    Your .tk domain made things worst and its extremely hard to get Google Adsense membership using .tkdomains.

    If you get another advertiser on your .tk website like Chitika then CTR is the real concern.

    Many user creates a .tk domains only for spamming and hacking stuff so the advertiser does not fill your ad spot even you get a high-quality traffic because you have .tkdomains.

    3. Domain Delete
    This is a biggest issue if you using .tk domains.

    If your website is popular like getting a higher rank in Alexa ranking or get a decent PR [Google Page Rank] then you are in a danger zone and chances of deletion of your domain are high.

    Below I am sharing my experience and attach a twitter URL of conversation between me and dot.tk. But they drop my domain without any reason.

    4. Personal Experience
    @dottk remove tekfu.tk from my account and register for someone else, don’t make any domain from their site.#dottk cheat me……….

    When I want to start a blog in august 2010 biggest problem is I don’t have an enough resources to buy a domain like a credit card and money.

    So i decide to try a dot.tk domain and that time I am a newbie to blogging and created a blog using TEKFU.TK.

    This is my first successful blog and its reaching 85000 ranks in Alexa.

    But after this huge success I am busy in education and from an advertisement I bought an own domain TECHELEX.COM at 2 January 2012.

    So I simply switch my domain but use TEKFU.TK for side projects, At January 2013 i acknowledge my TEKFU.TK is sold to another person.

    I contact DOT.TK through a twitter and they told me to re-register a domain and I follow all instruction but after 2 to 3 month they simply delete my account and all my domains.

    Note: My advice to readers if you use dot.tk then leave it, the reason is if your website is popular than they sell it another person or removed it from your account all traffic which generated by your effort converted into an ads traffic. They sell Ads on your domain or sell like a premium domain.
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