What is The future of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Other Altcoins?

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    What is The future of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Other Altcoins for the next 4 years? I think this is the very question running through the conscience of our mind right now, I know u considering investing in
    Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Altcoins But Crypto Currency is not without is question there lot of crypto Currency in the past that have come and gone.

    My Answer to the question tag What is The future of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Other Altcoins for the next 4 years? will be giving base on analyze, research and experience, But before you proceed I will like you to know nobody Can perfectly give a Prediction of what a cryptocurrency will become in the future , we can only give a targeted prediction a case where our research shows bitcoin will rise to 10,000 in 4yrs but bitcoin later rise to more or lower than exact prediction ,
    There’s a number of reasons why cryptocurrencies are so inherently popular. They are anonymous, safe and utterly decentralized. Unlike conventional currency, they are not controlled or regulated by some singular authority, their flow is determined entirely by market demand

    What is the Future of Bitcoin ?

    you are thinking maybe the investment worth trying out, Investing is bitcoin is opportunity of a lifetime Risky and lucrative. No one knows for sure (with any degree of certainty). Having said that, most agree the future of bitcoin is bright. That statement does have a few Limitations . The following is my prediction:

    • Acceptance of Bitcoin as an alt. currency in developing countries would be very important (as opposed to outright banning it). I however, have my reservations on this. The regulators in the developing have a very myopic vision when it comes to alternative currencies. Such obtuse undertaking will kill Bitcoin (in a legal manner) in the developing world.
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    • The market capitalization indicates in some manner that the currency is now too big to collapse (not that it cannot happen), by a measure of its own self, it will most likely survive.
    • I don't think the price for the next 1-2 years will break $5,000 but I can see the price of Bitcoin touching $10,000 per coin in 5yrs, a growth of more than 4 times of its present value. the expectation of it going to $25,000 to $50,000 - will be bad for Bitcoins in my opinion, too many speculative money will enter the ecosystem, which will cause regulators to clamp down hard on Bitcoin). My personal estimation is that it will hover between $2,500 to $3,500 (for the next 12 months at least).
    • Bitcoin investment will be everywhere just like Gold investment
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    What is the Future of Ethereum ?

    Ethereum is there most fast rising altcoins ,In the near-term, it’s probably going to rise. Assuming there is no major issue with the roll out of the Casper Protocol (moving Ethereum from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake) or any serious flaws discovered in the protocol, it will remain a major player in the cryptocurrency market.

    This doesn’t mean that the price won’t fluctuate. The price is currently at $40/ETH, but I can imagine a scenario where the price can crash to <$10/ETH without significantly harming the Ethereum blockchain.

    In the long-term: we’re not really sure. Despite all the data we have on Bitcoin and all other blockchains, we have only seen two scenarios for established blockchains:

    1. The price fluctuates wildly, but continues to increase over the long-term (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash).
    2. The price stagnates and slowly depreciates in value (Litecoin, Dogecoin). (We have seen these coins be positively affected by market level forces, but individually their prices is relatively stable)
    What we have not seen is a third scenario:

    3. The entire collapse of a cryptocurrency, bringing the value to 0.

    This last scenario scares me, because while every established chain has more or less grown in value, there’s no reason to believe that this won’t happen at some point in the future.

    I doubt that there will be an ecosystem wide collapse of blockchain technology, but there is the strong possibility that an established chain will collapse virtually overnight.

    This may never happen to Ethereum, but it’s something to be mindful of when investing in the ecosystem.

    I can see Ethereum at $2,000 USD per coin. Compared to the current price, I am expecting it to grow at least 5–6 times the present value.

    What is the Future of Ripple ?

    If you follow the chart of Ripple and BTC closely, you will see that BTC and XRP graphs are almost same. The growth of XRP depends upon the growth lf BTC.

    If we go by the graph, we can tell that XRP will increase but only when BTC increases. Plus, it is very volafile too.

    I personally think no crytocurrencies can currently match the growth of Ethereum.

    What is the Future of BAT ?

    I guess I don’t keep up with the ‘latest and greatest’ these days. I would imagine this isn’t around in 5 years time. To put this in perspective, Ethereum isn’t even 5 years old.

    What is the Future of Litcoin ?

    Litcoin is a lower denomination digital currency with higher potential upside, volatility and risk for speculative traders/investors.

    Litecoin is a "light" Bitcoin. It's value should be bitcoin's/4 because it has 4 times the Bitcoin's maximum generated coins. It's lower, because the community is not active as Bitcoin's and innovations are not added. I believe that a cryptocurrency use rise, Litecoin will definitely rise because people are considering alternative to bitcoin.

    More to be updated
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