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    What is Questra ?

    Financial holding company, Questra Holdings Inc, runs business on buying and selling debentures, including shares of the companies conducting initial public offering of their securities on the stock exchange (IPO). They have been in business since 2009.

    Questra is active in various investment segments. These include auctions, real estate trading and the purchase and sale of securities on the stock exchange (IPO).

    Fund managers of Questra Holdings Inc evaluate and buy shares of promising companies such as Facebook, at the moment of their initial public offering on the Stock Exchange under certain and favorable conditions. Such a strategy allows to buy shares at a very low price, before they become publicly available. And after a short time to sell those same shares much more expensive and gain the resulting profit from 10% to 3000%.
    The company works in real estate and securities transactions and operates under the license of the Ministry of Finance of the United Kingdom and the State Commission for Regulation of Financial Services Markets as well.

    The advantages of this company are many:

    -Working capital of the company is over 314,733,281
    -They work in 28 countries across Europe
    -They have been in the European market since 2009
    -They have concluded over 1100 transactions for 7 years
    -They employ 158 employees
    -88% of all transactions carried out by managers are profitable
    -They formally cooperate with customers all over the world
    -Marketing of the company allows any type of the customer to earn extra money on top of their investment
    -During 2015, The investors got a profit of 231,140,899 euro
    -The insurance fund of the company is 53,972,112 euro
    -The customers of the company can become its members
    -A unique payment and promotion system
    -Interest-free loans for housing and car
    -The opportunities for earning and development are unlimited

    The company has built a successful career since 2009. May 4, 2009 is the date of the founding of the company SFG Group and the opening of its first international office in the city of Madrid in Spain. At the beginning of work the team consisted of only 12 employees.

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    On March 22, 2010 the company overcame the barrier of 10 million euros in net profit. From this point March 22 is a significant day for the employees of the company.

    In 2011, a well-known European bank appeared among the company's customers. The company reached a new level and got large insurance, construction, leasing and telecommunication companies in its portfolio.

    For the safety of work and protection capital from risk on June 6, 2012, the company created its own insurance fund with an initial capital of 5 million euro.

    On April 11, 2013 due to changes in EU legislation, related to the work of the companies under the jurisdiction of the Spanish state, the company changed its legal address and was registered in the British Virgin Islands as QUESTRA HOLDINGS INC

    On February 10, 2014 the company enters into the next phase of its development. An improved marketing plan and unique product “investor portfolio” is produced for the customers.

    On October 5, 2015 Questra Holdings Inc officially opens the second major line of its financial activities. Promising business of purchase and sale of shares of the companies making initial public offering of their securities on the stock exchange (IPO).

    Is Questra Company A Legit Business:

    - Registered and licensed company in Spain

    - CGS Certificated

    - since 2009 in the European market

    - over 150 employee

    - interesting partner program

    - transparent company

    How Much Will Questra pays Me weekly?

    Questra Holding pays 4 % - 6% (it varies it depends on profit) every week for 365 days

    When do I get Paid from questra ?

    Questra make payment to every investor weekly on every Friday

    Questra Investment Packages.

    The cheapest is the "Standard Package" for 90Euro!

    Standard Package:

    - cost 90Euro
    - 365 days (payout at the end)
    - commission 10%
    - 26% per month
    - 312% per year
    - Profit 280.80 Euro

    White Package:

    - cost 90Euro
    - 365 days (payout every week)
    - comission 39%
    - 17.30% per month
    - 207.60% per year
    - Profit 186.84 Euro

    Yellow Package:

    - cost 270Euro
    - 365 days (payout every week)
    - comission 36%
    - 18.20% per month
    - 218.40% per year
    - Profit 589.68 Euro

    Green Package:

    - cost 810Euro
    - 365 days (payout every week)
    - comission 30%
    - 19.90% per month
    - 238.80% per year
    - Profit 1934.28 Euro

    Blue Package:

    - cost 2430Euro
    - 365 days (payout every week)
    - comission 24.00%
    - 21.60% per month
    - 259.20% per year
    - Profit 6298.56 Euro

    Red Package:

    - cost 7290Euro
    - 365 days (payout every week)
    - comission 21%
    - 22.50% per month
    - 270.00% per year
    - Profit 19683.00 Euro

    Black Package:

    - cost 21870Euro
    - 365 days (payout every week)
    - comission 10%
    - 26.00% per month
    - 312.00% per year
    - Profit 68234.00 Euro

    All that sound amazing doesn't it? So how any one can be part of this company and make profits?

    Is Questra Investment an Official Contract ?

    The company provides me with an official contract that I get to my home address. This is very important because it indicates the seriousness of the company and the fair treatment of customers. In addition, the company has established a Guarantee Fund, which insures our money.

    How to sign up for questra World

    Questra registration is very easy up with the below link: https://private.atlanticgam.es/#/sign-up/partner=P09201497675443

    Or contact me on whatsapp with +2347013544511 for further Instructions.

    Questra Login


    You can login with the below link


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    Questra Review

    The company operates in more than 50 countries, including 28 European countries.

    The company provides me with an official contract that I get to my home address. This is very important because it indicates the seriousness of the company and the fair treatment of customers. In addition, the company has established a Guarantee Fund, which insures our money.

    In addition, Questra Holdings is a tangible company and has its headquarters in Spain.

    Investments in the company are managed by 25 top-notch managers.

    Their investments are diversified, which is a guarantee of steady growth.

    The company has prepared several options packages. Depending on the package, we have a certain percentage of profit. Calculating each week and also payment every week.

    Each package working 365 days. The minimum package is worth EUR 90 and others are three times the value of the previous. So the program is for small investors and also for those who have bigger capital.

    All investment packages can be purchased by EUR, USD or BTC.

    Profits can be paid weekly or can accumulate and reinvest the use of compound interest. With our help and our strategy very quickly you get a significant increase in your investment.

    The company, which since 2009 working steadily on the capital market,

    now gives you the opportunity to gain permanent each week.

    Questra World is an advertising broker,

    which has exclusive rights to promote and sell financial products of Atlantic Global Asset Management.

    The company had a beginning in a financial holding SFG Group, which was established in 2009 and which as a result of the development of the company was transformed into a holding Questra Holdings Inc.

    Currently, the two companies are separate, but still work together.

    You can also earn from Questra by promoting packages of the company.

    Actively attracting partners for Atlantic Global Asset Management, as agent Questra World you can get income in the form of 5- 15% from purchases referrals and bonuses from € 1 000 to 1 000 000 €.

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    Questra Holdings Calculator

    You Can Calculate Your Returns By visiting this URL - https://ww.questra.checkyourincome.com/home/calculate
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