What do I do if I intentionally break my fast During Ramadan?

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    During the month of Ramadan, I intentionally broke my fast. What should I do to make up for the broken fast?

    Breaking Fast is a Sin

    First of all, fasting in Ramadan is fard (i.e. the order of Allah). One must have fast in Ramadan if the general conditions are met.

    A muslim must seek for forgiveness (tawba) when he/she commits a sin. In general (not only for breaking a fast), making tawba after a sin is fard.


    Therefore, one must never break his/her fast unless there are situations that exempt the faster from his/her fast, like becoming diseased or going on a travel. If one happens to bread his/her fast, he/she must ask Allah for forgiveness, and repent from his/her this sin.

    Is There Any Practice Other Than Tawba?
    There is no ayah or direct order from the prophet about further practices, but there is a hadith about it:

    This hadith raised different ideas among scholars:

    • Some said that anyone who breaks his fast without any excuse must fast for 60 successive days.
    • And some said that this hadith is a practical solution (or a simple friendly advice for that man) in that specific situation only. What would nabi decide if there wasn't a basket of fruits arrived at that moment? Maybe the nabi would had given a different prescription for him.
    A different hadith says that it is impossible to compensate a broken fast:

    Therefore, there is no general direct order from nabi about what to do when someone intentionally breaks his/her fast, other than doing tawba. And, there is no common thought about it among the scholars.

    There is an ayah about 60 day fasting, but it is about a totally different subject:


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