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    If your site is not getting any traffic you most be doing something wrong. is very easy for everyone to create their own website, but not everyone understands the strategy to get traffic to the site, I have seen some newbie on a forum who get frustrated because their blog is not getting any traffic. I really feel bad for them, because they don't understand the strategy of getting traffic.

    when they read some post on the web, how to create their own site and make money with it, they will quick create a site, post some article and then wait for the traffic to come in. it doesn't work that way, you need to understand and learn some strategy to get traffic your site.

    without traffic, there is no way you can make money with your site. you can create 5 websites in less than a minute but driving traffic to it is a very big problem. I publish a post few day ago on SEO For Beginners- How To Rank In Google, I got many emails that say, how they find it very difficult to get traffic to their site and everyone know more traffic make more money.

    I don't want to reply everyone with the say same messages, that is the reason why I write these article to explain some mistake people make when it come fo getting traffic to their site, especially the newbie.

    Here are my 6 Reason Why Your Blog is not Getting Traffic And How you can get traffic to your site after reading this article. let move on.

    1. Your Site Is New.

    you need to understand that, having a new site will not get you thousand of per view per day if you read any article online say that you can get 5000 visits to your site per day with a new blog, bro that is a lie. they are saying this to promote their own product or website.

    the fact is this, you can get a 500-page view in a day if you write a great content and submit this content to all social network site and forum. but you will never get that same visitor in the next day. and it depends on the content you post to those social network site and forum that will get you 500-page view in that day.

    the reason is that social network site and forum are there for quick traffic, not a repeated traffic, you most understand these.

    2. Social Media.

    Like I said, it depend on the content you post to those social network site and forum that will get you 500-page view in that day,

    the fact is this, people on social network site like facebook and twitter are there for some purposes, just like you are there to promote your own site, and getting them off facebook and get them to your site is kind difficult, you most have written a great article that takes their attention.

    for example, when you join a group on facebook, let say the group name makes money online with 5 thousand members, but do you really know that other members of that group are also there to promote their own website, there are 97% chance you will never get any traffic from that group. let me give you 2 reason for this.

    * When you post to this group, you are telling other member of that group to trust you and leave what they are doing and visit your own site.

    * When you post to those group, your post will disappear in less than 40 seconds, because other members of that group are also posting their own link and this will make your post to go down and went off.

    if you join a group about photography to promote your stuff, other people on that group are also there to promote their own stuff. so getting them to visit your site is a big problem. think about it, when you visit a group to post a link, do you even look at other posts not to talk about visiting the link, that is what will happen to your post also before it went off from that group. you need to understand that.

    the only way to generate repeated traffic from social media is to do pay advertising because your ads will appear in from of millions of users, some may be interesting while some may not.

    do not waste too much time on social media, because if you send your post to them, people who want to react will react, that is the fact

    3. Getting Backlink

    if you are not getting any traffic from a search engine like google,

    you need to build backlink for your site, because google see those link as a vote for your site, and they will rank you high on search engine base on the link you got.

    if you publish a new content, you don't need to use some pinging site to get your post index, because have a quality backlink will make google index your post faster.

    But is not easy to get a quality backlink, you can get no-follow backlink very easily but getting do-follow backlink is hard, Google will never rank your site if you only have a no-follow backlink, because no-follow backlink doesn't have any value, so you need to be very care how you build your link.

    many websites have stopped giving do-follow backlink because they don't want you to rank higher on the web, so getting do-follow backlink is a luck. you may just visit some website and drop your link and luckily that link could be do-follow. if you visit 200 sites and drop your link, you will start getting no-follow, no-follow, no-follow, no-follow, no-follow, no-follow, no-follow, no-follow, luckily only 25 sites could give you do-follow, now you see how hard is that.

    4. Content

    you update your site with a fresh content, and you close down your computer and start playing a video game, and waiting for traffic to come in, bro, you are wasting your time.

    update your site with fresh content will not generate any traffic, you need to promote your content and site, let people know about your fresh content, do some backlink so that your content will rank higher in the search engine.

    if may have read some article online that tell you that the only way to get unlimited traffic is to update your site daily, well that is a lie, because getting unlimited traffic to your site doesn't work that way, you need to promote your site, people will see your site and take a look at your new content.

    if your site is new, you need to promote it, that is how you can generate unlimited traffic, not by updating it with fresh content and start playing a video game, and you want a miracle to happen.

    I don't know how you found this article, maybe on social media, from a search engine, from other site or email subscriber, that is one of my promotion.

    5. Title Optimization

    optimizing your title is very important, this's what will get people attention and make them want to read your article, apart from that, it will also help the search engine to understand your article.

    make sure you use a keyword in your title so that google can display your content to a searcher who are looking for that same keyword you use in your title.

    for example, I can use Top 10 to make money online, than How to make $200 per day.

    Google will rank Top 10 to make money online because people search for make money online not make 100 or $200 per day.

    people go to google and search for how to make money online, nobody will go to google and search for how to make $200 - 300 or 500 per day or per week, you yourself that write that article will never go to google and search for how to make $200 per day. so you need to learn how to optimize your title to get a better result.

    6. Description

    A description is also important, but not that important, the most important thing is your title because 90% of people will click on your article because of the title, not the description.

    people don't have time to read the description because your title have said it all. for example, Top 10 to make money online, I have already know that your article is about how to make money online, and you want to show me how to make money online. so if am interested will click and read it and if am not, I will close the page.

    85% who use google search click on the result because of the title, not the description, pls don't get me wrong. Optimizing your description is very important.

    I will like to cover some more stuff, but I don't want to make this article too long because I have received some email that my article is too long. but I hope you learn something new from these, and this's where I will be stopping by

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