Questra Holding,Your way to financial freedom!

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    Hello , You must have been hearing the words financial security, financial freedom, and financial independence, and we all looking for that , but HOW?
    so if you want to achieve this goal first rule is to make a good choice . ths why i'm here to present you;
    Questra Holding
    Your way to financial freedom!

    Questra Holdings Inc is a registered company with headquarters in Spain.

    Address: Av. Doctor Pedro Guillen, 5. 30100 Murcia. Spain.

    Tel / Fax: +34 910 840 308. +34 910 837 762 +34 910 602 885 +34 968 978 965

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Questra Holdings inc., BVI Company Number 1769610

    Full name: Questra Holdings Inc
    Registration date:
    April 12, 2013

    The company offers investors all over the world an opportunity to realize your dreams and visions. Questra offers various investment packages which generate revenue up to 312% per year.

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    Revenue is being generated by the purchase of shares from companies making initial public offerings of their securities on the stock exchange (IPO)
    • 4-6% a week on your investment
    • Earn money wherever you are
    • Simple and fast deposits and withdrawals
    • Certificate of good standing

    [*]Currently in 28 countries across Europe
    [*]Over 1100 transactions in 7 years
    [*]158 employees
    [*]88% of transactions carried out by managers are profitable.
    [*]Formal cooperation with customers all over the world.
    • Any type of customer can earn with this Business model
    • During 2015, investors got a profit of 231,140,899 euro
    • Insurance fund is 53,972,112 euro
    • Interest-free loans for housing and cars
    • Opportunities for earnings and developments are unlimited.

    Questra offers various investment packages, starting from 90 and going up to 21,870 Euros which generate revenue up to 312% per year.

    And the best is that your investment is guaranteed by the Insurance fund.
    QUESTRA HOLDINGS INC Company is responsible for each client, so your own protection and protection of your money is guaranteed by the insurance fund.
    Insurance fund is 53,972,112 euro
    Many companies has Questra invested in the past?
    • Tesla
    • Alibaba
    • Facebook
    When Facebook made a initial public offering on the stock exchange, a share was valued $38. In a short period of time it has attracted more than $16 billion. Today the company is estimated at more than $100 billion, and the value of a share ranges around $105.

    The Questra Holdings affiliate program
    It is not necessary to recruit new partners! But the Questra Holdings Affiliate program will impress you!
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