Outcome of Boonbuy Seminer/Meeting ON 27/05/2017 (ABUJA)

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    The Meeting started by 12noon with welcoming address by the Founder, Yemi.

    Yemi, is an indigene of Ogun State and grew up in Lagos.
    He has good education background.

    According to Him, BBN idea started when he was in secondary school and immediately after graduation, he started the BBN using manual method to pay founders.

    He revealed that the name BoonBuy means:
    Boon - Benefits
    Buy - Buying.

    Yemi, designed BBN site and any style you see on BBN.

    BBN is in two categories:
    Investment (Investors)
    Trading (Traders).

    Investors - These are funders who invest/put their money, sit and wait for withdrawal.

    Traders - Those who invest, buy and sell on the platform with the aim of promoting BBN and their interest.

    Issue of Bank Payment:
    Yemi stated that, the challenges facing bank withdrawal, is costing the BBN much, such as Bank charges N1m daily, success without the money been in the account(failed transactions) and those who changes their bank details also contributed. That the failed transactions is on increase without genuine reason(s) from the bank and is drawing the BBN back. In order to sustain the BBN, bank transactions have to be suspended immediately, this brought about trading on the platform.

    Those who have failed withdrawals cases are currently been worked upon. Over 5,000 funders has issue of failed transactions.

    Also, those who have multiple accounts they have to work extra to sell.

    Future of BBN:
    They are working on the Lagos office, just like the way we use ATM, (founder will just walk in and do his/her business and go.
    They want 80% of Funders to become traders and 20% investors.
    Use ur Coins to buy and sell things, use it for exchange.

    Yemi reiterated that we should not rush to sell our coins and those who save their coins will surely smiles.

    Funders were advised to pls educate their downliners/New funders well.

    Also, he discouraged having multiple accounts, because those who have multiple accounts must work harder but single account less stress

    Room was given for questions and answers, millions questions were asked and Yemi provided the answers with conviction

    Notice will be sent on our notice board soonest.

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