MTN 1GB and 500MB Cheat Code

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    Do you no you can get 1GB and 500MB data from mtn right now with the code i will show you, it has been long time and many of xtremeloaded member has been asking me for new mtn cheat code on how to browse free on mtn network but the good news is that i have a code you can use to get free 1gb and 500mb from MTN.

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    How to get 1gb and 500mb from Mtn
    Here we go, this not really a cheat but an awuf from mtn, they are just rewarding some of their subscribers with 1gb or 500mb and once you are eligible to get the 1gb or 500mb data you will get it sharp sharp.

    To get this free 1gb and 500mb kindly dial the following numbers and see if you will be lucky to be rewarded with 1gb or 500mb data.

    Dial ✔️ For mtn 1GB dial *449*2#

    Dial ✔️ For mtn 500mb dial *449*1#

    Try it and see for yourself but remember you can only get the 1gb or 500mb data if you are eligible to be reward by MTN if not you might need to try again later but am sure that many will be lucky to enjoy this offer.

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    Note: This free 1gb and 500mb only last for 7 days so if you get yours try to consume it withing one week.

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