How to Use LSI Keyword Research Tools To Increase Your traffic

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    In this post I will be walking you through on how to use LSI Keyword Research Tools to boost your traffic from search Engines LSI Keyword Research Tools is a major strategy of Seo but could leads to penalty from search engines if misuse .

    LSI(latent semantic indexing) is really new to you?

    What are LSI Keywords? What is Latent Semantic Indexing?

    How to find LSI (Long-Tail) keywords once you Identify your primary keywords?

    Are you understand what are LSI keywords, how to find It and how to use LSI keywords?

    if Yes,

    You are awesome!

    But If NO,

    Then it’s time to wake up.

    This post provides information about how to find LSI keywords with free search engine optimization tools and implement latent semantic indexing keywords in content (lsi) for SEO.

    What is Latent semantic indexing(LSI) keywords?

    LSI keywords are phrase that contain words that are similar to your main keywords. it is often a synonym.

    Latent semantic indexing(LSI) keywords are part of Google algorithm to understand user search habits and give a user to best quality content for their search queries.

    If you want to elaborate it in one line,


    LSI keywords help you to increase your organic search engine traffic and improve your ranking.

    In earlier days of search engines, they give results according to exact queries provided by users.

    But now a day search engines smarter than humans.

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    • Nowadays, search engines first understand a meaning of user queries, and then they also give results which synonymically linked to the search query. Are you remembered Google HummingBird, It’s aimed to semantic search.
    For example,

    If your main keyword is “WordPress”, then your LSI keywords could include “WordPress Themes”,”WordPress Blog” or “WordPress SEO”.


    Main question is still here,

    How Do you find Latent Semantic Indexing keywords?

    So my friends finding LSI keyword is not a rocket science.

    You only need some tools and a little imagination power.

    But dude, Every pro blogger recommends premium tools like “Long Tail Pro” or “SEO Power Suite“.

    I don’t want to spend money on premium keyword search tool, or I am a student. How Can I still research LSI keywords or Long Tail Keywords?

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    If above question is roaming in your mind, then this is a right place to find free keyword research tools to ranking higher in search engines.

    Do LSI Keywords Actually Improve Your Web Ranking and Web Traffic?
    From above lines, I think you understand what LSI keywords is and how they used.

    You also understand the use of LSI keywords helps Google to give you more accurate search results to its users.


    What happen after implement or add LSI keywords in your blog? Or it helps to increase traffic?

    Check my story,

    When I started this blog in 2012, I aware of keywords strategies but completely blank about LSI keywords.

    In 2014 when I decided to take my blog seriously, My first step is a switch to WordPress.


    My second but most important step is to implement a Long Tail and LSI keywords in my contents.

    If you check my Alexa rank, you found in 2014 this blog ranks between 3 million to 4 million, were at a time of write this post my blog in between 4 lacs to 5 lacs.

    Hey, social promotion help to achieve this place but my 70% traffic come from Google.

    Free Tools for LSI Keywords Research
    Search engines always love the quality and unique content, uniqueness come from relevant keywords.

    I am not adding adwords keyword tool because when you Google about you found many articles on it and they are helpful.

    Below listed tools help you to find a right keyword for your next blog post or website.

    1. Google Auto Complete
    The easiest way to find LSI keyword is to choose one main keyword and put in google search bar.

    Google automatically provides best matching phrase or list for your primary keyword as you type it in the search bar.

    Let’s take one example,

    Your main keyword is “LSI Keywords”, put it in Google search bar.It’s looking like below screen shots.


    Now, scroll at the bottom to see Goole related searches like LSI keywords finder or LSI keyword generator.


    2. Google Trends
    Google trends is another tool from Google. Its helps you find how trending your keyword in certain periods of time.

    This a way to find how popular LSI keywords or main keywords current user of the custom demographic. It’s giving you regional charts, so you come up with more potential keywords.

    3. LSI Graph
    LSI graph is the free SEO tool which generate Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords for you.

    This is the simplest tools; anyone uses it even stranger to SEO.

    Just put you main keyword in the search bar and its generate best and relevant keywords for you.

    4. Keyword Shi**er
    Don’t judge this website on the basis of the name.

    Keyword Shi**er generate lots of keywords and you download it in .txtformat.

    5. Ultimate Keyword Hunter
    Ultimate Keyword Hunter is an absolutely free tool which aim is to find the perfect LSI related terms and keywords with ease.

    This is a standalone application, means you install it on your computer.

    Using this tool, you find perfect words based on Google’s top sites content. It’s analyzed Google search top site and give you clear idea to choose best SEO Keywords for your next article.

    6. Niche Laboratory
    This is my recent favorite.

    Niche Laboratory offers keywords suggestion, top ranking website, website page title, website meta description, web site meta keyword and website competition matrix.

    This is most helpful tools to find best matches and get an idea about a competitor traffic driven keywords.

    7. UberSuggest
    Übersuggest is a great tool that extracts all the Google autocomplete words for a base keyword. It is really simple to use.

    It takes your primary keyword and add suggestion based on the alphabet.

    8. Keyword Tool
    Keyword Tool helps you find the keywords that people are typing into google search box.

    It generates up to 750+ suggestions for every keyword.

    9. Keywords Suggestion Tool
    Keywords Suggestion Tool by TheSEOTools is another great solution to finding out the maximum Google search suggestions. It is extremely straightforward and easy to use. All you need to do is just type your keyword term and its show you the relevant ideas. You can use these ideas for your link building or keyword research tasks.

    Keywords Suggestion Tool

    Your Turn
    Now it’s your turn to choose best LSI keywords generator tools to find relevant keywords for your blog.

    If you find any great free LSI keywords generator, then please drop it in comments.

    If you like this post or it helps you to find best LSI keywords then share it with your friends and your world.

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