How to use Airtel night plan during day time to download

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    Some time ago, I do you about Airtel Nigeria new night plan which offers 1.5GB for N50 and that it is valid from 12AM midnight to 5AM in the morning. Now 1.5GB for just N50 is a lot of data to be used up in just 5hour if you ask me. How you ever wonder if it possible to use it during day time instead of allow it to waste like that?

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    The truth is there is a way you can use it during the day time and that is by downloading with it. Yes it is possile if you follow this simply step.
    After subscribing to the night plan and browsing with it from 12am till 4:55 am and you are unable to use it up, then try download some thing when you notice it has stop downloading because of the time, just simply back date you time to 12:11 or any of your choice and the continue your downloading by hitting the resume button on your phone.

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    you will see that this simply trick will make you enjoy your mid night bundle plan in the day time. So if you have any question about this kindly use the comment box and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks
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