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    How to start blog on BlogSpot? the same question I asked before six months from one of friends. That was the time I was complete stranger on blogosphere. Most of the time, it happens to face problem when you start something, I also passed from same way and was getting a complete tutorial for starting free blog.

    Having a blog is a ultimate asset where you can express yourself, share whatever you like, and if you are a smart one I am sure you can earn pretty good amount from your blog.

    Here at Blogging Nuts I write most of the articles on WordPress i.e. self hosted blog, where you have your own domain name and paid hosting and that is the trend going on. But in this article I am giving a complete step by step guide on how to start blog on BlogSpot, on BlogSpot you can create a blog at free of cost.

    I suggest to start blogging with WordPress but many newbies who initially don’t have budget to invest on hosting and domain name can easily create blog on BlogSpot.

    There are more than a dozen which offers you to create free blogs. But I would suggest to start and After you get to know the basics of blogging smoothly move to self-hosted WordPress blog.

    You can create free blog on BlogSpot but with certain limitations, but for beginners it is good learning platform.

    This is a complete step by step guide for my beginner friends.

    Before you create blog on BlogSpot I want you to now couple of things:

    • Google is the owner of BlogSpot and offers you start blog on BlogSpot within one minute. All of your images will be hosted by Picasa which is also part of Google.
    • If you aim to earn money with blogging then I suggest you to go with WordPress, but if you staring blog as a hobby then create a blog on BlogSpot.

    How to start blog on BlogSpot – Complete Guide
    The blog you create may help you to promote your profession or business. Or, maybe you could just write about something you love and share it with people while blogging you won’t be stopped by anyone because there is nobody who can, you have freedom to write anything you love. But the main idea is that you will be able to put affiliate links on your blog and earn commissions by selling other people’s products.

    I will try to make topic simpler for you I will cover the topics in small parts. The first part will be coming up with an idea; the second will be how to make your blog useful for people; and the third will teach you how to start your blog.

    PART 1: Think of a Topic for your Blog
    If you are going to start blogging, the first thing to do is to decide what you want to write about. You need to come up with an idea.
    The best topic would be something you love; something about which you can talk endlessly and, therefore, put into words. Here are a few recommended ideas to help you get started-

    1. Food & Nutrition
    2. Fitness/Weight Loss
    3. Body Building
    4. Education
    5. Skin Care/Cosmetics
    6. Babies
    7. Technology/Gadgets
    If none of these topics help you in deciding a topic, ask yourself –

    1. What am I really good in?
    2. What really interests me?
    3. What is that one topic on which I can easily collect information?
    A blog can be about anything. It can also be about your business or profession.

    PART 2: How can you make your blog useful to your users?
    The key thing to remember is that if your blog is useful to your visitors, you’ll do great in the long run. When people find it useful, the traffic will increase. Some ideas for connecting with people are given below:

    1. Teach People Something – Use your expertise in a particular area and share your knowledge with people who would like to know more about it.
    1. Provide Information on Latest Trends and News– If you have expertise on a particular topic, then you would keep up with the news and trends related to the topic. The news that you provide should be ‘insider’ news. This will increase the readership of your blog.
    1. Making People Laugh – Laughter is undoubtedly the best medicine in today’s world. Just think, how many times you surf the net to read things that can make you laugh! If you can get a person to laugh while reading what you have written, then people will visit your blog. Write things in a creative and funny way so that it tickles their funny bone.
    1. Be an Inspiration – Do you have inspiring stories to share? Maybe you have recovered from a serious ailment and have overcome it bravely! Or, maybe you fought for your rights and would like to inspire others to do the same! Whatever your story, whether on the roads, workplace or at home, share it with others and motivate them to overcome their problems.
    A piece of advice here! Visit other blogs to see what other bloggers are doing and how they are doing it. Visit a popular blog and try to identify the points that make it different and interesting. Google is your friend for this research.

    So, while you are looking for ways to increase the readership of your blog, remember there are a few things that you should not blog about. Do not give out names and write about your workplace, share secrets or information that can cause trouble for other people. If you are writing about your workplace, then you should be aware of what is and what is not permissible.

    Note – You will need to avoid copying and pasting from other pages online since that is treated as plagiarism and it would lead to your blog getting rejected by networks. The key is to take inspiration from other pages but innovate it while adding it to your blog.
    You can also read through relevant books, magazines or have a discussion with people who would have knowledge on the topic you have chosen.

    Now that you have a concept ready, let us get started with blog creation.

    PART 3: How to Start your Blog?
    You can create a blog on any of the following for free-

    Let’s go through the steps to create a blog on for instant. Google owns a blog creation site,, that is easy to use and will get you started in just a few minutes. The benefit of using is that you get the additional benefit of being able to use Google’s blog management tools.

    How to start a BlogSpot blog? follow me below…

    Step 1 – Do you have a Google account(gmail)? If not, the first step is to sign up for an account. Register for a Google account by clicking on the ‘Sign Up’ button that is located at the top corner on the right side.

    Step ‘2’ – Click on ‘New Blog’.

    Step 3 – Choose a blog name and your blog address. For this, you can select a template from the options given or see more options and change it later.
    After choosing the template, select ‘Create Blog’.

    Step 4 – Click on ‘Start Blogging’ or ‘Start Blogging’.

    Step 5 – Enter the title and text and finally click on ‘Publish’.

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    With these steps, your blog will be ready. There are, however, a few things that you should remember.

    The first of these is that your blog should always be active. This means that you should be consistent with maintaining your blog and make regular posts. Instead of trying to achieve perfection, make your blog live. Trying to achieve perfection will only delay things. You can make postings and then modify them later if required.

    You may create more blogs after your first one using your same account, but keep this one active and work to make it successful. Remember, that the key to successful blogging is interaction and consistency.

    Consider this first blog as your practice blog. Get your blog going with a few initial posts. You will get better after a while. Feel free to play around, experiment and learn. You can similarly create more than one blog if you want on different topics.

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    If you are able to create a good blog then you don’t need a website. There are millions of people who own a blog, have ads on their blogs and earn a lot of money through their blogs. Your blog will become popular if you are able to write original content on your blog and post articles where you are giving useful information to users. For all our members we will cover website creation also, as that is also very important.

    You can ask learn How To Upload Songs (MP3 Files) On A Blogger Blog With Download Button

    I hope this article helped you in How to Start Blog on BlogSpot. If you have any questions, then please feel free to ask by leaving a comment below.
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