How To share Airtel Data MB With Another Airtel Sim

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    Do you know you can transfers your internet mb from one Airtel line to another following this instruction below and if you have been looking forHow To Transfer Airtel MB To Another Airtel Sim then you have come to the right place, follow the steps below to transfer your Airtel MB to any other Aitel sim now.

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    => To Transfer 10 MB, dial *141*712*11*recipient number#

    => To Transfer 25 MB, dial *141*712*9*recipient number#

    => To Transfer 60 MB, dial *141*712*4*recipient number#

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    if you are having any problem feel free to leave your comment below! or dial *141*1# and follow the voice propmt.

    NOTE: N100 will be deducted for every MB sent..

    I know some people will ask why N100 will be deducted....but i really have to let you know!

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