How To Remove Security Code On Any Nokia Phone

Discussion in 'Mobile Security' started by Olayanju Kabir, Sep 22, 2017.

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    Today m Here 2 Wid New Tut Recover Your Nokia Phone
    Password In Just minute.... so Here Is Tut Tools Required: -

    [1]. Nemesis Service Suite

    [2]. Nokia PC Suite.

    [3]. Data cable.

    [4].Regain Your Security Code Steps
    1. Install Nokia PC Suite
    2. Install Nemesis Service
    Suite (NSS)
    3. Connect your phone to
    your PC with data cable. If
    the phone prompts, choose
    default mode or PC Suite
    mode (DON’T OPEN PC SUITE) 4. Open Nemesis Service suite

    5. Click scan for new devices
    button (on top right corner
    of NSS)

    6. Click Phone Info button.

    7. Click Scan button.

    8. Click Permanent Memory

    9. Click Read button.

    10. It will read the permanent
    memory file and save it on
    the disk at following path.
    FilesNSSBackuppm .pm

    11. Open the .pm file using

    12. Now scroll until field [308],
    and on the 5th Record (5=)
    your security code is saved at

    13. Like 5= 3 1 3 2 3 3 3 4 3 5
    0000000000 (Example)

    14. Abandon the red fonts.

    15. So, 12345 is your security
    Enjoy frndz
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    1. Olayanju Kabir

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    So people still need this?

    I though android and iOS has taken over.
  4. Olayanju Kabir

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    Yes... Some people still need this.... There thousand of people over there still using Nokia Phones:rolleyes::)

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