How To Register National Identification Card (NIN)

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    First it is important to know the location(s) of the NIMC setup centers for your present location. The National Identity Management Commission has a made an easy procedure that enables you start your NIN enrollment even at home with less stress.

    Below are some steps on how to register for your national identification number (nin) and card just follow the steps carefully

    Step 1
    From NIMC’s homesite click on the “register from home picture”.

    Or visit you will be welcomed to the National Identification Number (NIN) pre-registration portal.

    Step 2
    Then Create your National Identification Number (NIN) enrollment profile on the pre-registration portal

    Step 3
    Sign into the National Identification Number (NIN) pre-registration portal and fill in biodata and make sure it is in capital letter.

    Step 4
    Now Print out the pre-registration slip gotten from,

    Next is for you to take your completed pre-registration print out (barcode) together with any of the following original form of identification; just one will be OK, a driver’s license or your old national identity card or your voter’s card or a current school, NYSC, work ID card or your LGA identification or your birth certificate or a tax clearance document or insurance cover document.

    Note: Use only one of this document above

    Step 5
    At the enrollment Centre, the enrollment officer scans barcode to pull up the applicant data.

    Step 6
    Now a Staff will verifie your data and your photograph, finger print captured.

    Step 7
    Now finally supporting documents scanned e.g birth certificate or state of origin

    Step 8
    Enrollment is acknowledged and a slip is generated and given indicating completion of enrollment.

    You will be asked to wait and collect your 2 temporal national identity slips. Normally when you are issued with the 2 slips, your original national identity card should be due for collection in the next 2 months.

    But as situations might have it, you might not receive it within that 2 months period but have to wait further for more months for your card to be due for collection.
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