How to Register for MMM Nigeria and what to do after

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    1. Visit the MMM Nigeria official Website:
    2. Click the Registration link to register
    3. Enter your First name and Surname.
    4. Enter your email address.
    5. Enter your Mobile Phone Number (Example: +2348036661234
    6. Enter your password.
    7. Confirm password.
    8. Enter [email protected] as invite email address (Or enter the email address of your referrer)
    9. Guider’s Email Address: [email protected]
    10. Guider’s Phone Number: Leave blank, as system will automatically allocate this.
    11. Enter Picture Code.
    12. Check the “Warning” checkbox.
    13. Click REGISTER IN MMM.

    Register Now

    Things to do after Registration
    1. Confirm both your email address and your phone number (this is very easy):
    • Log into your MMM Personal Office (PO).
    • Go to the “My Page” tab on the menu bar, click on My Page, and not far from the top you’ll see your email address and cell phone number.
    • Click on the “unconfirm/confirm” link next to your email address.
    • The system will send a confirmation code to your email account, go and get this code.
    • Enter code in the box provided next to your email address and click okay.
    • Once your email address changes to green, you have successfully confirmed your email adress.
    • For Cell phone, just click the “confirm” link next to your number and its confirmed.

    2. Add your Banking Details or Bitcoin Address

    1. Log into your MMM Personal Office (PO).


    2. Go to the “Accounts” tab and click on it, you will find “ADD”, “EDIT” & “DELETE” options


    3. Click on the ADD option to add your Banking or Bitcoin Account details


    4a. Add your Banking Details and click save
    You may choose to withdraw using your Bank Account

    (Bitcoin is NOT a must, so don’t worry about it).


    4b. Add your Bitcoin Details and click save
    You may choose to withdraw using your Bitcoin Account

    (You may choose to add both Banking and Bitcoin Account, only one is required.).

    3. Provide Help (PH). Do this immediately after you have added your banking details, so you start earning on day 1. (See Video below).

    • Log into your MMM Personal Office (PO).
    • On your dashboard, you will find “Provide Help” and “Get Help)
    • Provide Help, also referred to as PH is to make a financial contribution to help someone in need of financial help. Get Help, also referred to as GH means request to be helped financial, otherwise it means making a withdrawal.
    • Click on the Provide Help button and check the button on the first screen that you see, this is confirming that you understand the MMM warning.
    • Choose the “other bank” option, if its not Bitcoin (Choose Bitcoin if you want to PH in Bitcoin) and click next.
    • Enter Amount and click select, you will see a line “Leftover Distribution” that will appear, with the amount you have selected nect to it.
    • Enter full amount again in the next space and click any blank area on that same screen, until “leftover Distribution” reads “0”.
    • Check the small box that allows you to get a registration bonus, this happens when you PH for the first time.
    • Click next
    • Enter security code and click next.
    • Click Ok to you are done.
    • Go to the top menu again and click Mavros to see details of your PH.

    Video 3a: How to Provide Help (PH)

    Video 3b: How to Upload Proof of Payment

    4. Login everyday, as you never know what kind of news or information you might find in your account.

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