How To Make Money Blogging In Nigeria (2017)

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    Have you been wondering how to make money blogging in Nigeria?

    Some are of the misconstrued about the real ways we bloggers make money online, they think it’s by the number of impressions or will I say “TRAFFIC” that comes to a website. Meanwhile, a few thinks every click that takes a visitor to a website sends a fair share of their data subscription money.


    Okay, here’s the real deal!

    There’s actually no magic trick there, the truth about how bloggers make their money is listed right below this article!

    The blogging business in Nigeria is growing rapidly and it’s evident how many blogs there are in Nigeria and the world at large.

    It’s nothing but true that blogging can make you a millionaire not overnight but with hard work, intelligence and perseverance.

    This article was specially compiled for those that kept on sending in queries on ‘how to make money blogging in Nigeria’ or ‘how do bloggers make their money in Nigeria’ .

    This write up will help you avoid major mistakes most failed Nigerian bloggers make, and expose the secrets of making huge money while blogging in Nigeria.


    Q1. What is a blog?

    A blog is an online platform where a blogger (the writer) releases a daily log of experience, opinions, views or perception of activities allowing users to reflect, share opinions and discuss various topics. In brief; a blog is like a book in which the writer grant its readers the privilege to reflect and share their opinions.

    Q2. What is blogging?

    It could mean different things depending on your perception. Blogging can be the act of designing and editing a blog more so, blogging can also be termed as the act of running a blog professionally.

    Q3. Who is a blogger?

    A blogger is a person who owns, writes or manages a blog.

    Q4. How much money can I make blogging?

    There is no limit to how much you can make as a blogger. A recent example is Linda Ikeji; a renowned gist blogger that earns relatively an unimaginable amount of money. The sky is the starting point for you only if you are ready to dedicate and sacrifice everything it takes.

    Q5. Is there any special niche that makes more money than other niches?

    Answer is NO! There are no blogging niche that makes more than the other, every niche is unique in its own way and can make you lot and lots of cash. All you need is to discover the monetizing strategy that works best for your blogging niche. Also read how to choose a perfect niche for your blog.

    Q6. Is blogging only meant for a particular gender, age group or learned?

    The blogosphere isn’t meant for the learned, age group or a particular gender only. Anybody can be a blogger in as much as you have what it takes to manage, run and keep the blog relevant to its readers.

    If you can read and write coupled with having serious, interesting and engaging topics that’ll keep your audience glued to your blog; then yes, those are the basic traits any blogger must possess to excel be you male or female. Besides, you can check out online businesses in Nigeria that matches your taste.

    Q7. What are the basic requirementsneeded to start a blog?

    I will categorize this into two (2). They are physical and non-physical requirements. Physical requirements include Laptop/Desktop computer, Internet modem & Internet connection, Cash, Bank Account & ATM card and Electricity/Generator while Non-physical requirements are time, patience, hard work, intelligence, confidence, information, foreknowledge, perseverance and most importantly, Baba God!



    Take note that not everyone will be Linda Ikeji, because she made millions blogging on gist and celebrity gossips literally doesn’t mean you will succeed doing the same.

    The mistake many bloggers make is blogging on the wrong niche; they practically fail because of this. Have a look at these bloggers and their areas of specializations…

    • Makinde Azeez of >> promotes music and music videos of upcoming artiste.
    • >> is an online forum and community.
    • Linda Ikeji of >> blogs on gist and celebrity gossips.
    • Yomi of >> basically blogs about tech.
    • >> a free forum community .
    You should understand that every website/blog falls under a niche and here are lots of niches one can venture in.

    Examples are, tech, news, celebrity gossips, entertainment, fashion, food, education, health, sports, architecture, accounting and many more. Just find your passion and then follow it, simple!!

    Also read how to choose a perfect niche for your blog.


    Immediately after finding your area of focus (niche), next is to create a blog where you can share contents so as to reach out to prospective audience.

    In brief, I will categorize blogs into two… first is, free blog while the other is paid blog.What I meant by free blog is this; you can go straight to or to create a “free blog” while the latter is, hosting your blog with money and that’s why I termed it “paid blog”.

    Are you new to blogging? Then read this article on how to create a blog or contact me via 07013544511 if you want to build a bespoke blog/website… T&C applies.


    Great traffic is the major secret of every successful blog, and when I say “traffic” I don’t mean the traffic along Iyana Ipaja road.

    What I’m simply saying is get people to start visiting your blog regularly, to do this; write useful and interesting articles on your blog and make sure you’re consistent without giving up.

    This process takes a lot of time depending on how serious you are as a blogger. The social media platform can help you exceedingly well on this, imagine the number of people you have as friends on facebook, twitter, Instagram and the likes.

    The social media is definitely a platform to start building your audiences. Other ways on how to generate traffic on your blog is coming soon!

    4. GET TRUST

    Am sure you’ll have this strange expression on the face seeing… “GET TRUST”. Yes, trust! Trust simply means ‘confidence in or reliance on some person or quality.’

    If you intend to monetize your blog via providing services or selling some items then it’s highly important for you to get your audiences to believe in you, sees you as original and not fake, not scam either.

    Why am I saying all this, this is because no Nigerian would spend a penny for a service based on lies so you must try as much as possible to get your traffic to get to trust you! “Get Traffic, Get Trust”


    Money!!! Money!!! Money!!!

    Amsure you’ve waited for too long to see this, okay… before you proceed, take note that this won’t work if you have not properly followed step one (1) to three (3) and may be four (4) in some conditions.

    Blog monetization is something a lot of bloggers have a headache on; I experienced the same thing too when I started blogging… below contains a full list of ways to monetize your blog or click here for more detailed explanation of the following methods below..

    a. Sell Ads Spaces
    This is a serious business for those that have massive traffic and/or targeted audience. For instance; a popular tech blog can earn money running targeted ads for a mobile phone company. These banners can be displayed for a month(s) or a specified period agreed upon.

    b. Online Affiliate Marketing
    This is a form of online business that allows you to earn money referring buyers to buy products sold by any e-commerce company you’re in affiliation with.

    How online affiliate marketing works is; when you’re in partner with any company (sell products/services online e.g konga, jumia, dealdey, hostgator etc), commission gets to you when a customer you refer via affiliate link ends up purchasing a product from the company in question.

    Directly on your blog, you can embed affiliate links in ads spaces to display pre designed banners you got from which ever company you’re in affiliation with. Click for more insight on how to make money via online affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

    c. AdSense
    Every blogger crave for this because it doesn’t depend on getting commission when people ends up buying just like in affiliate marketing but depends on getting commission when people clicks on ads displayed.

    Getting AdSense ads to display on your blog can be kind of stressful due to the high level of adherences to google AdSense policies. Google won’t grant your blog AdSense if you haven’t properly followed the AdSense and webmaster’s policies before applying to the AdSenseprogram. Click here for more insight on google AdSense program.

    d. Product Reviews And Sponsored Post
    You can as well help people write product reviews directly on your blog, this is another sweet way of making money blogging in Nigeria. It’s a form of advert where people with new products will pay you to help them promote their products on your blog. Also, sponsored post are posts that aren’t written by you but submitted to be promoted on your blog. This kind of posts require high traffic base on your site.

    e. Create YouTube videos
    This is also a way to make massive wealth by just creating videos and uploading them to YouTube. Dash straight to YouTube, create a new account or login with your existing Gmail account, after uploading a couple of videos you can then submit for video monetization.

    After your video have been approved for monetization, ads would start popping up and then you can start earning money when people watch your videos on YouTube. You can make this work by always creating relevant posts with the video’s URL embedded in the blog post, allowing you readers to watch them directly on your blog instead of going to watch them on your channel.

    f. Sell goods/services
    with your blog alive and bubbling, the sale of items and rendering services would be very easy, this method will require you to have fulfilled step 1 to 4 successfully.

    You can go ahead and advertise whatever product you have intended to sell to your customers (blog readers) or services worth paying for. Products and services depend on you to select from.

    g. Selling of E-books
    This is one of the oldest method of making money online via blogging, this method requires you to prepare or compile an e-book containing relevant information that your readers will find interesting and useful.

    The information contained therein depends solely on you hence; you can go ahead and advertise your e-book to your audience at a reasonable and affordable price but before this will succeed be sure to have succeeded in following step four (4).

    In conclusion:
    Don’t let anything stop you from achieving your dream as a blogger; don’t put money ahead of everything. Keeps the hustle going slow and steady and you’d be surprise how the money will come.

    Blogging requires a lot of time and perseverance; even Linda started blogging way back in 2006 but now, its history! Mind you, these aren’t the only ways to make money blogging in Nigeria but for a start, you should try these methods.

    The comment box is wide open for questions and opinions, Good luck and happy blogging!
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