How to Increase Your Earnings On Fiverr - Secret Fact

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    IMG_20170512_182711_437.JPG Forget gig ranking my friend!
    Yes, I totally meant that.

    Forget buying reviews for your gig!
    Yeah, I meant that yet again.

    Before you start arguing with your landlord about my comment above, let me give you something to ponder upon.

    Ranking your gig on first page is same as the man who sells clothes at the front of the market.

    Buyers will get to see this man at the front first and might be moved to buy his wears because it's easier than going inside the market.

    Now if this man sells low quality clothes, a piece of cloth sold is a customer lost. No one will return to buy from him again because of his poor quality stock.

    Yeah, I know. You are a freelancer and you don't sell clothes. Lol

    But if you offer a service with the poorest of tools and deliver poor services, then you are no different from the man selling clothes.

    If you offer a graphic service and you can't buy the best templates or mock ups to improve your service and offer top quality service, that man is you!

    If you offer a writing service and you can't pay for a grammarly account and other tools to improve your service. That man is you!

    If you offer a whiteboard service and you can't get premium svg image packs, that man is you!

    If you offer SEO services and you can't purchase high end tools to improve your service, instead you are using those free tools and still on trial mode. That man is you!

    I can go on and on, but let me stop here.

    Yea, I know some of these tools might be expensive to get. But most people make enough money to be able to purchase these tools to improve their service, but they see such investments as a waste of money.

    sometime ago, I worked for a client on Fiverr, after providing quality service, this client persuaded me to work outside of Fiverr. I worked for him again outside Fiverr and he referred me to some of his friends, his friends referred me to their friends and the chain continued. I cancelled lots of orders on Fiverr that month because I had better orders off Fiverr. All this was possible because of the top notch services I provided for the client.

    Why not have the best tools and offer the best service before you start worrying about ranking your gig on first page?

    Word of mouth remains the most effective form of advert and repeat customers remain the best customers.

    Possess top quality tools,
    Offer top notch services,
    Move to the front of the market.

    Did i say you don't need reviews? I was just kidding :D:(:)
    You need reviews my friend. #IDonGo

    Source - Yusuf Tosin
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