How to Get traffic to a new website in the shortest Period Of time?

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    This is the topic every Boogers will love to read I believe You want more and more people to visit your site, but how often business owners find themselves stuck up within a certain range of traffic and fail to grow it beyond that range even after investing heavily.

    Traffic is the prime requirement for conversions; so before thinking about conversions, think how you can attract a decent amount of traffic that ultimately helps to generate more revenue.

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    Here, in this post, I will share 5 secrets to grow your website traffic in less than 60 days. Believe me, it works!

    1. Publish Fresh Content More Often

    Creating a blog and publishing some fresh new content every 2–3 days might help to grow your traffic steadily. But, you cannot publish any type of content and wait to see miracles happen. Give a thought before selecting a topic for your content. Think of content that can serve as link bait and always put some actionable advice on it. Content that is just advertisements or does not put forward something new before the audience doesn’t tend to perform well. I recommend you to follow the below guidelines whenever you plan to add new content on your site.

    • Create a blog and try to add at least 3 posts per week.
    • Create some new link bait pages that serve as a source for attracting natural backlinks.
    • Think of titles that can attract audience. Instead of writing “SEO Strategy For Newbies”, Use “5 SEO Tips Every Newbie Must Be Aware Of”.
    • Always plan your content before writing. Not all content has the power to attract eyeballs. Content that really understands the user intent and presents some actionable advice that surely helps the end user will allow to skyrocket your traffic.
    2. Analyze Your Competitors and Find High Volume Low Competition Keywords That You Can Easily Target

    One of the strategies that I personally use too often is to find out keywords on which my competitors are ranking and then create even better pages for those keywords. I use SEMrush tool for this task. This strategy is never ending. You constantly need to find new keywords and create new pages on those targeted keywords. Here are some guidelines that you need to follow for this task:

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    • Pick competitors on the basis of keywords. The more competitors you analyze, the more options you will have for yourself.
    • Use Ahrefs..COM to find the top pages of your competitors’ websites and try to get something similar on your own site. Analyzing popular content that receives natural backlinks and lots of social shares will give you some great ideas of creating content that goes well with your audience and ranks higher on the search engines.
    • With the help of SEMrush tool, track which keywords are of importance for your campaign. Find out the keywords that are sending traffic to your competitor’s website. Check whether any page on your site ranks for those selected keywords or not. If yes, then try to improve your existing content, or else create a new page that serves the user well beyond the 10 pages returned by Google. As a free alternative to SEMrush, you can use WebSignals that can help you to track organic keywords on which your competitors are ranking.
    • Make use of SEMrush filter keyword option because many times, you will see that some of your competitors can rank on tens of thousands of keywords most of which would be irrelevant for your business. Using the SEMrush filtering option would be of great help then.
    • Pick those keywords where the competition is low. If you see inner pages ranking on Google for your targeted keywords then you can easily choose those keywords. Because it is easier to overcome inner pages as compared to the homepages.
    • You can also use software like RankWatch to perform thorough analysis of your online competitors. RankWatch provides a hidden opportunity sectionin the dashboard that displays keywords on which your website is already ranking and a little bit of effort on those keywords can give you high rankings and traffic. The below screenshot displays such potential keywords for my blog. The tool also displays the search volume and search trend for those keywords.
    3. Boost Your Presence on Social Media — Start from Day One Itself

    Having a powerful social presence matters a lot. If you are still lagging behind in social media then you might have already missed a lot of potential traffic. One of the biggest advantages that social media traffic offers is that if the campaigns are run properly, it might generate a lot of conversions.

    The first essential is having a presence felt on leading social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. With millions of people visiting these sites on a daily basis, you can easily divert a lot of qualified traffic. Here are some guidelines to follow:

    • Choose social media site as per the theme of your business. If you run an HR consultancy then LinkedIn is the channel that you should concentrate on the most.
    • Remain active but don’t poke the users often. Study the strategy of your competitors and try to get some ideas.
    • Increase followers and most importantly, increase engagement.
    • Don’t ask others to like your post, wait for the day it comes naturally. This will give you the maximum satisfaction.
    • Test and see at what time your post receives the maximum engagement, follow that time schedule.
    • Don’t over promote.
    • Target festivals and special occasions. Send custom greetings, mentions and messages to your important customers. They will just love it and offer some word of mouth promotion for your brand.
    • Remain regular on all the channels you select to promote your brand. Patience is the key here. Slowly and gradually, you will see a surge in traffic.
    4. Put Some Effort in Getting a Backlink from Trusted Seed Sites

    Trusted seed sites are those sites that are trusted by Google the most. This means, a backlink from such sites can increase your ranking and ultimately traffic. One major example of such a site is Wikipedia. If you wish to get a backlink from Wikipedia then you will have to earn it. Earning something is more difficult that creating or buying something. This is why “EARNED BACKLINKS” are “NATURAL BACKLINKS” and those have a lot of value in the eyes of Google.

    I have seen many sites jump up in rankings by getting a backlink from trusted seeds sites like Wikipedia, New York Times or TechCrunch. I understand, these are not manipulative and you need to have a solid strategy in place keeping your customer in the front.

    5. Present Offers and Unleash the Power of Influencer Marketing

    Influencer marketing is a new term that is quickly gaining popularity. The idea is to identify influencers in your industry and use them to promote your brand or service. Well, this sounds good and a bigger opportunity for digital marketers is waiting in the form of influencer marketing.

    Here are some ways you can increase traffic by way of Influencer Marketing:

    • Use Traackr to identify influencers in your niche.
    • Once you have identified the influencers, the next step is to contact them personally one by one and win their confidence so that they become the face of your brand. Ever heard of “word-of-mouth” promotion? This is what influencers can do for your brand, they will share your voice with their followers who firmly believe and follow the advice of their influencer.
    • Do not be in a hurry to win influencers. It takes time and even if you are able to convince 1–2 influencers in 60 days time, it will do enough good for your branding.
    A Word of Caution: Don’t Take the Wrong Action

    The steps suggested above can easily go in the wrong direction if you hire the wrong person to do this job. Getting results is not an easy task and requires a lot of creativity, high-level thinking and foolproof strategy. Don’t indulge in BLACKHAT tactics, don’t buy links, don’t just create content for the sake of traffic (think of the user first), use keywords wisely, follow social media etiquettes and follow Google guidelines.

    How to Improve Conversions after You Start Receiving Traffic

    Once you start seeing a flow in traffic then it’s time to focus on conversions. Although, it’s best to have all the conversion friendly elements in place before the flow of traffic but some elements work well after rigorous testing and traffic is necessary for testing. Here are some guidelines for improving conversions:

    • Check the pages that are receiving the maximum traffic and see whether you have your CTA (Call to Action) elements in place on such pages.
    • Check the bounce rate and see if you haven’t targeted the wrong keywords to get traffic.
    • Check the Mobile Usability section under Webmasters Tools and optimize your site for the mobile audience.
    • Highlight the CTA buttons and present offers that are hard to ignore by the visitors.
    • Test A/B versions of your important landing pages and keep the version that is able to generate maximum conversions.
    I have shared only practical advice in this post and I am sure if you follow my advice from DAY 1 itself, then you will surely see an increase in traffic after 60 days.

    Do you have any secret strategy that has helped you generate lots of traffic in the past? Please share with us in the comments below.

    Good luck, Drop You Comment
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