How To Get Real Human Visitors From Nairaland

Discussion in 'SEO and Traffic' started by Olayanju Kabir, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. Olayanju Kabir

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    Nairaland has turn to an avenue where bloggers now get real visitor to there various websites.


    But is quit unfortunate that many people don't know how to use it to get good traffic.

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    But i am going to teach you how to do it today.

    Follow the following procedures

    1. Create a nairaland acount or login if you have it already.

    2. Click on "Nairaland forum"

    3. Now you will see many options.

    4. Click on the forum that suits the article you want to get traffic from or your blog.

    5. Click "create new topic"

    6. Use a title that will draw people attention.

    7. After writing the head line, go to the post body and write about 3 lines about the post. Then insert your website link.

    I advice you use a post link.

    Then click 'submit'

    After publishing, you will see " share, unfollow, quote"
    Click share...

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    Note: Do not use url shortner or spam post to avoid being banned
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  3. Cyberhope

    Cyberhope New Member

    Nice one....
    I drive some traffic from nl too, it works well
  4. Olayanju Kabir

    Olayanju Kabir Itz Kofem Staff Member

    Welcome sir feel free to share ideas...
  5. Cyberhope

    Cyberhope New Member

    That's very sure
  6. Olayanju Kabir

    Olayanju Kabir Itz Kofem Staff Member

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