How To Get Airtel 9GB for 4000

Discussion in 'Data Subscription' started by Olayanju Kabir, Jul 24, 2017.

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    Airtel just released another data plan
    recently. Don't forget that they
    released a wonderful 6gb for 1500
    naira data plan and now, we have

    Here's the message I received from
    them. Airtel 9gb data plan

    worth of Data for just N4,000/30
    days. Dial *438*1# to activate.
    Usable on all Devices. From Airtel.

    *438*1# To Subscribe

    Looking at the 9gb data plan closely
    from the angle of an informed
    subscriber I'll give my own simple review of the airtel 9gb data. I mentioned "an informed subscriber". You may be wondering what it means. And this is it.

    An informed subscriber is someone
    that really understands what's going
    on with the latest airtel data plans .
    If you are a member of jackobian,
    then you probably know about the
    most recent data plans that they have
    released this year.

    Now, considering you already know
    about them like the 6gb for 1500
    naira data plan that am currently
    using, will you still bring out 4k to
    buy 9gb? No, you won't because it
    doesn't check out.

    Here's how the 9gb data is a mistake on
    the part of airtel If you are eligible for the 6gb data plan, you can subscribe to it twice in a month and you'll have something like

    [*] 2 * 1500 = 3000 or 3k
    [*] 2 * 6gb = 12gb

    Clearly, with the 1500 plan, you can
    get more than you can get for the 9gb
    plan for even less. SO, why will someone go for the 9gb data plan when he's a member of latestalert???Doesn't check out at all.

    So, pls share this thread and inform
    others about this new data plan so
    they will know to avoid it!

    Eligibility for Airtel 9gb for 4k
    I think the 9gb data plan works with
    eligibility just like the 6gb own.

    This means that if you are not
    eligible, you may not be able to
    subscribe to it. How to know if you are eligible... Just check your inbox and if you got a message with similar format as the one I pasted above then you know that you are surely eligible for it!

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