How To Devide/Partition Hard Disk Without Formatting

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    Learn how to divide/partition your computer hard disk with this little trick I'll be implementing and also note that you don't necessarily need windows formatting to carry out this process. So let's get started

    I'm 100% sure this trick will be beneficial for some of us at a certain point, basically we carry out hard disk dividing when we're installing a new windows Os. Today I'll be giving a tutorial on how you cab maximise, minimise, or even shrink your hard disk.

    People get excited when they have different divided hard disk storing different data in them and sometimes it's makes our job easier when locating a document or files. Imagine having 350gb total hard disk space and half of it is filled up with data , and meanwhile you still have another half with freed space. The next thing that could come to your mind is how can you make the most of the remaining memory on your hard disk. Keep calm I have the tutorial below, let's get started.
    Steps To Divide/Partition A Hard Disk
    Step 1. Click on the windows button and search for " disk mgmt.msg" without adding the quotes shown with it, now press enter and wait for disk management to popup.

    Step 2. All available drives will be listed here so it's up to you to select which driver you want to shrink or maximise, for you to shrink a drive you have to make sure that drive has some unused space in it. Now do a right click on the drive to begin shrinking process

    Step 3. You'll see the actual size of the driver, the free space and the amount of memory you want to shrink, now input the amount of memory you want to free and remember it mustn't exceed the actual free memory. Now click on shrink to begin.

    Step 4. In the disk management, you'll notice there's an unallocated space at the right bottom corner, Do a right click on it then select New Sample Volume.

    Step 5. You'll be directed to ' New Sample Volume Wizard Setup' that if you carryout step 4 accordingly. If so then click on next to continue.

    Step 6. In this stage, you'll need to fill in the amount of volume you want to add and once you're done with that, click on next to proceed to the next phase.

    Step 7. You'll need to give the drive a specific drive letter, you cab choose which one suites you from the drop down arrow.

    Step 8. You'll see a Format patition page, select the file system to be in NTFS format. Enter the new name of your drive, then click next to continue.

    Step 9. Formatting process will take place then you'll see a summary window showing you your newly created drive, click on finish to begin using.

    You can use this method to divide any any hard disk in to different sizes without having to take formatting process, just incase you don't understand this method, there's another way in which you can divide your hard disk and it's been written below.
    Using AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional
    Step 1. You'll need do have the AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional downloaded on your computer and also installed.
    Step 2. Run the app, from there you'll see list of the partition hard disks.
    Step 3. In this step you don't really need to partition any drive because they've all been partitioned already, but if you want to repartition any of it, select any of the drive then right click on it then click on option 'Resize Repartition'

    Step 4. Use the drag method to ressize the volume of the partition, with this you can have more space from the partition to get unallocated space.

    Step 5. Now right click on the unallocated space then create a new partition to create another partition to the hard disk then click on apply to continue..

    Boom job done, if you follow the method calmly it will be beneficial at some certain point.
    So that's all about How To Divide/Partition Hard Disk Without Formatting, Don't forget to share this nice article with your friends and family. And also feel free to comment.
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