How to Create USA Fiverr Account With Mobile Phone

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    Before anything , i will like to Congratulate you for landing on this page. This topic may be the one you have been looking for or you just want to see what i want to write here. Many of us already know Fiverr,it is a place where you buy and sell for $5 or more, it's no longer news that many people are making millions of naira on Fiverr..

    USA fiverr Account are Believe to pull more Sales than any other country Fiverr account.

    I am going to teach you how to create a Fiverr account with USA profile Using a mobile phone and start making money on your own ,not having a Laptop shouldn't be an issue in creating a Fiverr account For you to sell more on Fiverr then you need to have a USA account and for you to have this you need to change your IP. I will like to advice you not to use those proxy sites out there..


    With Your Mobile Phone

    STEP 1

    Go to Google playstore search for "Fiverr" And install the Fiverr Software that appears in the below screenshot
    STEP 2

    Go to play store again search for "Hola Free VPN Proxy" Download and install the Application...
    What is HOLA ?
    Hola is a VPN software, it can be use to change location of of your Browser or in a light word for the sake of beginners VPN software that can be use to change the location that you are browsing from, example : you are in Nigeria and you want your browser to be showing you browsing from USA so you can have access to other country privilege on a particular website that is limited to your country.... Now that you know what what vpn is then let's proceed to next step .

    STEP 3

    You will need an email account for registration. Create a New email or use your existing email accounts but it is recommended You use a new created email account

    STEP 4

    Now. back to the real thing, Open the HOLA Software you recently install from play store locate Fiverr application inside Hola and click on it! A popup will show then click on "Access From" Then it will show you varieties of country you wanted to change your location to. As show in the below screenshot Since we want to create USA Fiverr account kindly select "United State"

    Then after you select United States click on open and wait for Hola to automatically open your Fiverr Application as shown in the below screenshot

    STEP 5

    Now that your Fiverr application have been open you are good to go, if you see any welcome message you can skip it or keep pressing next until you seen the registration and Login page ..

    There are 3 option for registration

    Select option 3 "SIGNUP USING YOUR EMAIL"


    Now to the nextpage (the Signup page) ? Insert your information email, username & password and click Signup to finish registration


    STEP 6

    Email Verification

    Note : This part is one of the complicated part... It's very easy but it require you to be careful.

    Go to your email open the message sent by Fiverr for account activations , example in the below screenshot


    Click on "Activate Your Account" it will show a popup then Open with "Fiver"

    Congratulations you are done

    the next is setting up your profile. After you are done, login and click on profile. Edit your profile and set your profile picture ( I will say you should use a nice picture which depicts you as oyibo a cool, hardworking guru/geek)..

    And you can also learn to increase your Fiverr earnings here


    To check maybe your account is successfully created as USA account

    Just run


    on your browser, please Note that maja_work is my username .

    After you might have open the url check your location... If you see from United States it is successful... But if not you have miss something along the way start over again... Just like in the below screenshot
    Screenshot_20170514-180544.png that's my newly created account it's from United States

    Kindly register on for more latest Tutorial and feel free to drop your comments. We love you
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