How To Configure MTN Internet settings On Android Phones

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    Here is how you can configure your Android phone in Nigeria to use MTN internet. It is very easy to configure, just follow the simple steps and your Android device will start connecting to the internet in few minutes and you can also learn How To Configure Glo Internet settings On Android Phones

    STEP 1: Create New APN

    to select a plan for purchase.
    • To create new APN, follow these steps carefully, go to SETTINGS >> Wireless and Networks
    • Select Mobile networks (note the 's') and select GSM/UTMS OPTIONS
    • Select Access Point Names then click the MENU button to select New APN at the bottom of the screen.
    STEP 2: Enter the Following details
    • Name: MTN WAP
    • APN:
    • Username: web
    • Password: web
    • Authentication type: PAP or CHAP
    STEP 3: Save the Set-Up

    click the MENU button and select save to save the settings you have entered.
    Congratulations!!! you have successfully configured your Android phone with MTN internet settings to start surfing the web, if the connection does not start immediately, ensure you have switched on Mobile Networks in the Mobile and Networks section under ''SETTINGS''
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