How To Configure Glo Internet settings On Android Phones

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    How to Configure Glo settings on Android phones at times can be so frustrating In my previous post I talked about simple, very easy to follow steps in configuring MTN internet settings on your Android phone, now I want to quickly take you through the steps involved in configuring glo internet settings on your Android device and start connecting to the internet.

    1. To create new APN, follow these steps carefully, Go to settings >>>Wireless and Networks >>> Mobile Networks.
    2. Select Mobile Networks followed by GSM/UTMS OPTIONS
    3. Select Access Point Names then click the MENU icon to select New APN at the bottom of the screen.

    NB: To Create new APN

    STEP 2: Enter the following details
    Name: Glo Internet
    APN: gloflat
    Username: flat
    Password: flat
    Security: PAP or CHAP
    Proxy: leave it blank
    MCC: 621
    MNC: 50

    STEP 3: Save the set up

    Save the set up before you leave by clicking the MENU option then select SAVE. Now you can leave the set up screen.

    Congratulations!!! You have successfully configured your Android phone with glo internet settings.

    NB: Remember to click the radio icon of the Glo APN settings you just created after leaving the settings screen. Then go back to MOBILE NETWORK to connect to the internet.

    If you have any question, observation or comments kindly use the comment box below this article and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
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