How To Check My MTN Phone Number

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    Checking one's MTN Number have been a difficulty experience for Mtn users , most time you may found troubling to know your number When you have more than one mobile phone number or you just bought a sim it can take some time get used to the new number.
    It can be really embarrassing especially when your are asked your phone number and you cannot even remember 5 digits and all you can think of doing is calling that person asking so you can see your number display on that persons line. But what if you don’t have airtime to call?

    Relax…there are some USSD codes you can easily dial to retrieve your phone number on MTN which i will be explaining below.

    Code to Check Your MTN Phone Number

    To check your phone number with Mtn, you can dial there is to direct method involve

    Step 1

    Dial *123#

    And follow the on screen prompt.

    Select option (1) account information
    And send


    Then Select (1) My Number
    And send

    Your Mobile Number will Prompt up immediately.

    Step 2

    This is the most simplest method just dial *123*1*1# Then your mtn Number will prompt up immediately

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