How To Bypass Any Android Lock Screen

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    Am Here to show you how to bypass any Android lock screen just follow me step by step. Have you forgotten your smartphone lock screen pattern or PIN code? Or had once forgotten yor pin and all you did was to go for factory reset options.

    , Android (Google) has provided a simple method to bypass the lock screen and get back in. Here's what to do when you've forgotten the lock screen pattern or PIN number on your Android device with out the factory rest of your device.

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    Android Device Manager (Android 2.3 and later versions)

    This is the best and the easiest way to regain access to your device after you forgot you password. Have use this method times without numbers and it really works. You can use this method as long as you're logged into your Google Account on your phone, it will definitely work for you.

    All you need to do is Just to get on your computer/ another device, login to Android Device Manager , and select the device in question from the list of devices associated with your account. Counter-intuitively, you then tap "Lock". Once you tap lock it will require you to input a new code. Once you lock your phone with a new code, it overwrite the original code that you had forgotten. Then you have full access to your phone again.

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    Android Device Manager also allows you wipe your phone remotely, This is also a easy method for doing this expecially when your device get lost, all you have to do is just to log into the Android Device Manager Android Device Manager - Android Apps on Google Play. From here you have the option to conduct a complete factory reset.

    Android Device Manager also make you locate you device thats if it stolen or lost. Please drop your comment below
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    What is to do if not signed in with Android Device Manager?
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    You can go to the phone repair shop , as long as you don't mind spending money, perhaps you can remove screen password for Android with software if you are familiar with some phone operation knowledge.

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