How do i know my Ramadan is accepted?

Discussion in 'Islam' started by Olayanju Kabir, May 27, 2017.

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    During Ramadan, i prayed a lot to Allah to forgive my bad deeds and accept the good ones. Now it is Eid al fitr and i masturbated, :(, i know it was very dumb of me but i know personally that i have changed and that i worship allah a lot more than i would but i am still commiting some of the sins such as masturbating but i do not swear anymore, so does this mean my ramadan has been accepted or not accepted because i feel like crying right now ?why did i masturbate


    This does not mean anything like this that your ramazan is accepted or not, no one knows but Allah.

    You must keep praying as you did in ramazan and ask allah for forgiveness and acceptance of ramazan prayers.

    There is a hadees:

    كل بنى آدم خطاء ، وخير الخطائين التوابون
    Every son of adam makes mistakes, and best of them are repenters(who do taubah).

    So, make astagfaar and there is nothing severe, you must relax a bit. Its good you are worried about your sins and you are worried about acceptance of your deeds. And you should be. Just keep praying, do astagfaar daily and remaining bad habits will also leave you inshallah.

    Allah knows best
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