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    This will be the first time I will talk about xeforo seo related issue, google search console verification has become a difficult process for Newbies and Upcoming in xenforo community.

    Are you tired of asking how to do google search console verification for your xenforo forum website? Don't give up yet this is a simple guidelines to do the google search console verification of your Forum , It's not difficult. Just read on and you will be able to verify it in no time.

    We will use the two methods out of the available because they are easier and more straight-forward!

    Google search console recommends using the meta tag which is the easiest way to verify your site but there are other alternate methods which you can choose.

    Google provides 4 different ways under alternate methods to verify your site, be it xenforo or any other software or script.

    We have:
    • HTML file upload - Upload an HTML file to your site.
    • Domain name provider - Sign into your domain name provider andverify with them. I haven't used this before.
    • Google Analytics - Use your Google Analytics account. I haven't tried this one either.
    • Google Tag Manager - I don't know how this works
    So, let's take the Html file upload method which is the easiest or at least one of the best.
    I like using this method because it doesn't bug your site template with any additional code, you just need to download and upload to your cpanel file manager and your forum will be verified. Note, the method is the same for both xenforo and WordPress software.

    How to Verify Xenforo forum using Html File upload

    1. Copy this link to your browser Replace with your site address. Sorry, am too lazy so we won't go through the normal process.
    2. the link will redirect you to verify the site if you haven't verified it already. On this page, click alternate methods
    3. You will see a list similar to the one above. Select Html file upload and you will see a link to download a file. Click on it to download the file.
    4. After downloading, simply login to your web hosting service and open cpanel file manager and navigate to the public_html folder which is where your site is actually stored.
    5. Click upload file at the top. A page will open for you to upload files. Simply click the button and select the HTML file you downloaded from google webmasters. upload it and navigate back to google webmasters.
    6. Click on verify and you will get a congratulatory message that your xenforo site has been successfully verified. you may be asked to add the site to your list of sites in which case that's just one click away. Note a problem at all. DONE!

    So, that's how you verify your xenforo site with google webmasters/search console using the Html upload function.

    The new method we will be looking at is how to verify your forum on xenforo with google site verification meta tag.

    This method is actually very simple, you will need to have access to your site's HTML files or you use some plugins and coding-made-easy-box depending on your platform, there are several options for this. Google will provide you with site verification HTML and this is what you will place in the head section of your page because it's indeed a meta tag

    How to verify Xenforo on Google webmasters using Meta Html tag option
    1. Do step one from above
    2. You will see a page similar to the one below that spells Recommended: HTML tag
    3. Look below and you will see a code. just copy the code to your Clipboard and it's time to locate where to paste it.
    For Xenforo Only
    • Login to xenforo admin panel
    • Click on styles
    • Click on templates
    • Locate page_container_js_head
    • Paste the google HTML verification code there and save it

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