Get Approved On Google Adsense: Tips You Must Know

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    Hello reader, to have you on this article, I can say you are a blogger. The sweetness of blogging is making money from it and the most reliable way to do so based on adverts is through Google AdSense. I have been disapproved from AdSense a few times as I know these happens to lots of blogger too, but I came through it when I started over again from scratch and I got approved within hours. I will give you the tips I used on my new blog to get approved on Google AdSense today, I mean now!!

    After been down many times on AdSense issue, I went for alternative ways to earn which paid off a bit, but my focus was still on AdSense. I then decided to get a new blog and get over it.

    I register Makemywad and it got approved within hours, my domain was 1 month old and I had over 12 quality contents published, I gave credits to those who should earn it.

    Well, let’s quickly hoop in to the main discussion, we have got no much time.

    Tips To Get Approved On Google AdSense
    Make sure you are really on this, don’t get distracted.

    Write Awesome Contents: Blogging is all about writing so you must write it well, an article is said to be awesome or quality when it can help its readers. It’s recommended to write above 400 words to let Google know you know about what you are writing. Give indept knowledge and make it easy to understand. Make sure to have over 12 well written articles published.

    Make your Articles Into Categories: Yes, when you do this, it makes it easier for your readers to navigate your blog. Google loves user friendly blogs and they won’t want to leave you out. Make sure to have at least 4 articles under each category.

    About Us page: Let your readers know who you are and what you offer and what they will gain from you and your blog, make a well detailed about us page. Stay niche, stay on your topic and don’t bring in irrelevant topics.

    Privacy Policy Page: you also need to have this page, it’s very important. Make details about copyrighted contents on your blog and user safety. Google loves true people.

    A Nice Blog Design/Layout: this is so important too, I am a fan of beautiful blogs and so are Google and readers. Make a nice design or buy one.

    Give Credits To Copied Images: Since I have a Disclaimer page where I talked about medias and posts published here on makemywad, I don’t need to input credits all over my articles. You too can do the same, but I still give some when I feel it very necessary.

    After all these are in place, you are good to apply for AdSense, it worked for me,so it can for you too.

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