Disadvantages of using .Com.ng domain extension

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    .com.ng is a Nigeria domain name extension below are view disadvantages of .com.ng domain

    Country specific:
    An organizational website built with .com.ng is easily recognised as a Nigeria Company


    Targeted visitors: A .com.ng blog is rated within the specific country.
    Considering when you want your visitors to be coming mainly from U.S.A and you are using .com.ng extension, it will limit the number of visitors

    Low domain Authority: There is no way a blog with a domain name "tech.com.ng" will rank high than "tech.com"

    Recognition: A blog with a .com, .net, .org is more recognised that a blog with .net.ng, .com.ng
    And when it comes to blogging, recognition is highly important.

    As you have see that the disadvantages is more than the advantager, you now know the right to follow

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