Despite All Odds.....Episode 9

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    As she wanted to strike me with the object she was holding, i immediately woke up and realised i was dreaming. I sat up wondering what had happen in my dream. Thinking of how Gbenga kissed me, i smiled a bit. i touched my lips and smiled again because i really enjoyed myself in the dream. I checked my phone and saw it was 7am already. I quickly launched my opera mini browser to check my portal to see if i have been cleared and it was what i thought. I was very happy, hurried to the bathroom. Brushed my teeth,took my bath and got prepared for school. While i was busy doing make up i heard my phone ringing so i rushed to where i kept it,picked it up to see Gbenga was the caller. Without thinking about it i picked the call.

    "Hello good morning" I greeted
    "What's up Dear" He replied
    "Am cool and you?" I asked
    " was your night?" He asked
    "it was splendid" I replied
    He asked me if i have been cleared and the response was positive. We fixed a place to meet in the evening, he kissed me on phone and hanged up the call. I immediately kiss the screen of my phone with happiness written all over my face. I got to school around 10am to start my registration stuffs, on getting to my faculty i stopped by at a kiosk beside ALT (Art Lecture Theatre) and bought all what was needed for the file compilation prescribed by my Level Adviser. I already got to his office entrance before i notice i haven't printed my course form. I went back and print it out in the next shop beside the kiosk. When i got to my Level advisers office i presented the file, he checked through and point out my mistakes and gave it back to me. I sat in one corner of his office to arrange the file as it pleases him. After 15 minutes i presented back the file to him and he collected it with no complain. As i dashed out of his office i was a bit famished, then, i proceeded to a nearby canteen, where i intended to have lunch. I ordered for a plate of rice with one meat and i was served. i finished the food and rested for about 10minutes and i paid my bills. As i was stepping out of the canteen i saw Desmond, he was going to class area.
    "Desmond, Desmond" i called out ** he turn back, saw me and stopped so i joined him**
    "Oh Juliet, how are you doing?" he asked
    "Am fine...its been a while" i responded
    "Yes, it is you i don't see am always in school" he said
    ME: it's because of my clearance issue, i was just cleared today.....that was why i haven't been coming.
    Desmond: are you now through with your registration?
    ME: No, i just submitted my file to the L. A today. In fact am very where are you heading to?
    Desmond: To ALT, for POL 115 lecture
    ME: Geez! So you mean lecture as started?
    Desmond: Yes....lecture started on monday. Have you seen the timetable?
    ME: No
    Desmond: are really missing

    **We both rushed to ALT for the lecture, and after the lecture i borrowed his note book to see all what has been thought since monday. I glanced through it and borrowed it from him. As we move towards the car pack we were both gisting till we got to "challenge" where we departed. I got home very tired and later slept off. The ringing tone of my phone woke me up around 5:30pm. I woke up,cleaned my face and made my way to where me and Gbenga had agreed to meet.
    Gbenga: Oh, you are here....what kept you so long? have been waiting for you here since 5pm
    Me: Am sorry dear, i slept off when i came back from school. The stress today was too much today. I just submitted a file out of three that would be submitted.
    Gbenga: oh! Sorry....That is how it use to be in 100L first semester.
    (he talked as if he had the experience before)
    Me: Hmmm....That is true, but you sound like the person that had the experience before. I should be the one telling you this. You are not yet a student of OAU. (i jokingly responded)
    Gbenga: We are both not a student....until you have been matriculated before you can be acknowledge as an undergraduate.
    We had discuss for about 15minutes when he started saying some words that makes me keep blushing.
    Gbenga: A million stars up in the sky one shines brighter I can't deny
    A love so precious a love so true
    a love that comes from me to you
    The angels sing when you are near
    within your arms I have nothing to fear You always know just what to say
    just talking to you makes my day
    I love you honey with all of my heart
    together forever and never to part.
    Me: Hmm Thanks Dear i love you too and i will always love you till the end of my life.... Before i could complete this i saw a car coming to our direction and it was my mums friend. I tried to hide but the car was already close to use. As she got to our side she saw me and i greeted her. She responded well and asked of my mom which i told her her where about. Then, she drove off. For about 10minutes i was filled with fear that she would tell my mom but Gbenga calm me down. Few minutes later i heared the sound of my phone,its ringing....i immediately brought it out from my bag and saw it was my mom.
    Gbenga: Who is the caller
    Me: My mom ( i replied with tremble in my voice)
    He asked me to pick it but i refuse. I began to shake with fear filled my body thinking she had told my mom that she saw me.

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