Despite All Odds.....Episode 8

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    I heard the knock again. We quickly disengaged and i was shivering.
    "What should we do now?" I asked
    Gbenga: Am even confused.
    Me: Will you find somewhere to hide here?
    Gbenga: No that is not a good idea....for how long will i hide that she wont get know what will happen.
    Me: What?
    He suggested going out through the second door at the back. I opened the door at the back of the house, Gbenga got out through the door and that was how he escaped. I now pretended as if i was sleeping. while yearning, i opened the entrance door for my mom to come in.
    MOM: Ha ha, Where Have you been that you didn't open the door?
    ME: mummy,(stretching my body) have been sleeping since. I just heard someone knocking the door and that was when i came out....Am sorry ma
    MOM: Sorry for your self, so you mean you have been sleeping since i left for market?
    ME: No, not immediately. I already washed the plate,swept and cleaned the house before i went to sleep.
    MOM: Check that place( pointing at the door) what is there?
    ME: maybe its those goats that normally disturb
    MOM: Ok
    She rested for a while and sleept off. Immediately i pick up my phone and called Gbenga.
    Me: Hello Dear
    Gbenga: How are you
    Me: Am fine, so how did you get home
    Gbenga: Ha it was not easy o....she nearly got me
    Me: Yea, she even noticed that something passed through our backyard but i covered up.
    Gbenga: I was about to show you something then but your mom interrupted, anyway i will do some other time.
    Me: HMMM......what were you trying to do then?
    Gbenga: How do you mean
    Me: As in what happen between us some hours kissed me
    Gbenga: Yes didn't you enjoy it
    Me: I do but after that you were pressing my boobs and touching my body....what were you trying to do?
    Gbenga: Hmm....nothing really
    Me: Do you want to sex me?....Oh no!, we dont need that right now Gbenga....we will get to that later....we still have more years to be together before our marriage
    Gbenga: I know dear, am not also in haste. I Love you very much and i want to get married with you.
    Me: I Love you too dear (i replied with a voice that depict happiness)
    As i drop the call and turn back to enter my room i saw my mom standing in front of me holding a big stick.
    **She heard all what we have discussed**.

    .......TO BE CONTINUED....
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