Despite All Odds.....Episode 6

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    We both made our way towards the popcorn seller. He bought two cups of popcorn #50 each and gave me one. I thanked him and we moved forward. On account of not knowing where to head to we decided to ask someone around
    "Baba how far abeg we dey ask of POL. SCIENCE dept" He asked a dude passing by
    "E dey down the corridor" The dude replied pointing out the direction.
    We proceeded, on getting there, there was just few students around. This was the first day of resumption so only few people were present.

    After knowing our faculty we move out to stroll around as this was our first time in school and there is nothing serious being done. The timetable is not yet out and everywhere was looking more like zombie town. We walked around discussing about our secondary days. As we have nothing to do in school that day we board a cab and took our leave. I got home thinking how God as used this guy for me otherwise i wouldn't be able to go to school that day.

    Within few minutes Gbenga called me out of my shell with a phone call, i met him outside then we find a place near our house to sit and talk. We were there discussing when my mom arrived, she saw both of us but pretended as if she saw nothing. I try to cover up by telling Gbenga to dodge around one corner but to no avail. I quickly ran to her to collect what she was holding.
    ME: Welcome Ma
    MOM: How are you Juliet, how is school today?
    ME: Fine Mom. How is work today hope its not stressful
    MOM: not that stressful
    We got inside, she rested for a while and sent me to buy some ingredient to prepare food....i walked as fast as my legs could carry me because I was extremely hungry, it past 4pm and i only ate rice in the morning as a result of not wanting to be late coupled with the popcorn i had earlier. I decided not to go to school until after two weeks when everybody would have resume fully.

    Early morning i got prepared and left for school, as i alighted from the cab i made my way straight to the faculty of SOCIAL SCIENCE where i belong to. As i got to my department i saw people on a queue so i asked what the queue was all about, i was told they queued to see the LEVEL ADVISER for direction on how to go about registration so i joined them. After some time it got to my turn and i marched in like a soldier.
    ME: Good morning sir
    Mr Lee: Morning how are you
    ME: am fine sir......sir, am a newly admitted student so i came to see you for the next procedure to take as a new student.

    He told me to check my portal to know if i have been cleared and told me all the required document i should l produce.
    Mr Lee: After you have been cleared you will bring the following documents. He showed me a paper listing all those document which I needed:
    1. A photocopy of your O,level result with their result checker card
    2. A Photocopy of your Jamb result
    3. Two passport photograph
    4. A Photocopy of your birth certificate
    5. A photocopy of your certificate of origin
    6. A Photocopy of your clearance form
    7. A file and a clear bag
    Mr Lee: staple one passport at the edge of the file. write your name on the file, your Faculty and department and bring it to me
    ME: Ok sir...
    When i got outside i try to Login my portal to check with my phone but i notice i have exhausted My DATA. Within a short period i saw Desmond coming towards me. He greeted me and i smiled warmly, i asked him if he had DATA on his phone, he gave me his phone and i checked. only to see
    You have not been cleared to study POLITICAL SCIENCE
    REASON: D7 in English"
    When i saw this many thought started coming through to me.
    Have i lost this Admission?
    What really happened?
    But i had B3 in my English, i began to feel nervous.

    .....TO BE CONTINUED.....
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