Despite All Odds.....Episode 5

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    It was Monday, 14TH september 20**. I woke up as early as 5:30am, freshened up and got prepared for school as this was my first day in school and i couldn't afford to be late. Lets forget this is not
    secondary school where late comers are usually punished, as soon as it was 8am i dashed out of the house. On getting to challenge, only to see about 500 people lined up going to P.S (Unilorin). I was like wow is this how i will queue to school everyday? (Asking a rhetorical question) it was a new session, majority of the just admitted students were just arriving from their various home. Immediately, i joined the queue. For about 30minutes the queue remained stagnant, as i was tired of standing i told the person behind me that i will be back in a moment. After leaving the queue a call entered and it was Gbenga my love. I picked it without waiting to see if it was a flash or a call.

    "Hello Dear" He said softly
    "Hey....What sup" i replied
    "Am cool......where are you now" He asked
    "Am at challenge, if you see how long the queue is, its just like the way to hell" I replied jokingly
    "Are you serious" He asked
    "Yes i am..... i have spent 30minutes on the queue" i replied
    "Ha...that is very serious o, i suggest you rent an apartment very close to school" he suggested
    "It would have been better but do you think my parent will allow me to do so?" i asked
    "of course they will, will be very stressful if you are going from have to explain things to them and am sure they will agree to this" Gbenga replied
    "ok Love, when are you guys resuming" i asked
    "Hmm!.... It will be around march" He replied
    "You mean march next year" I asked almost screaming.

    "Yes, next year" he replied calmly
    "Ha Ha....what kind of school is that, By march next year i will be almost done with my 100L here in unilorin"
    "Yes, that is true but that is what retain our supremacy...OAU is the best" he joked too
    "Hmm!...forget about that Unilorin, we are better by far....i am proud to be a Unilorite" I teased
    "Better By Far my foot....LOL...anyway unilorin is trying but OAU remain the best of all....Do you know the full meaning of OAU" Said Gbenga.
    "Obafemi Awolowo University....ehn what is unique about that"
    "Apart from that OAU is also known as OBA AWON UNIVERSITY " He joked again and we both laughed so hard that I had to end the call before people start starring at me.

    I joined the queue back, scroll down on my phone and opened my whatsapp to keep myself busy pending the time i will be the next person to enter the cab....I kept on chatting with Gbenga for a while until it finally got to my turn. Before entering the cab i heard the cab man saying "enter with your #80 change" with emphasis, the money with me was #500. I was very worried and decided to talk to the man but he refuse that only people with #80 should enter, i was deranged, thinking that how would this happen to me, i have been waiting here for an hour and now i cant enter because of change. The guy behind me saw how i feel, he looked at me with pitiful eye and told the man to let me go in he will pay. I was very happy, i entered the bus and after the bus was filed the man started the car and we move. I was sitting at the last seat at the back and the guy that helped me was sitting beside me. I brought out my Blackberry Phone from my bag,scrolled to whatsapp and continued chatting, replying the 14 messages i have. As i was pressing my phone, i was smiling because Gbenga kept making me smile with his stories. After some time i noticed the guy was staring at me, i looked at him he smiled and i returned it. We had been inside the bus for about 30minutes without getting to where we are heading to. I thought in mind, Ha Ha what is happening, are we travelling? Is this how i will travel to school everyday( asking a rhetorical questions) i decided to Ask the guy sitting beside me.

    " this how far the school is?" i asked a stupid question
    "I also don't know a new student" he replied
    "oh! It means we are of the same type,this is my first time as well" i said
    "so where did you wrote your post utme exam?" He asked
    "JKK lagos" I replied
    "are you a lagos based" He asked
    "No...i just went there to spend few weeks with my uncle" i replied

    We discuss for some minutes and he told me he was admitted to study POL. SCIENCE which i reciprocated. Some minutes passed and we finally got to know each other we got to the car park and we both alighted.
    "Yes, we finally get to University of ilorin (Better By Far)" I said
    "Yes o....less i forget, what is your name?" he inquired
    "I am Juliet by name" I replied
    "Wow what a nice beautiful as you are, so your name is. I am Desmond. Nice meeting you" he said
    "it's my pleasure" i replied with a cool
    We both smiled and walked towards the popcorn seller.

    ....TO BE CONTINUED....
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