Despite All Odds.....Episode 4

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    It was sunday, a day to the date stipulated for resumption. I had all my clothes ironed, my bag,books,shoes and every thing i will use tomorrow were already set.
    By 8:30am i was ready for church, i quickly hurried out of the house to join my colleges in the church. I attend christ apostolic church "Oke Agbara" meaning Mountain of Power. On my way i realise i was not holding my Hymn book which is required of me as a choir in C.A.C. I ran back home breathing heavily, i picked it and turn back. my mom called me but i couldn't reply, i dashed out immediately.

    On getting to church all the choirs were set, it remain five munites for the service to start so i quickly join them. The church service started, we sang Hymn 419 and everybody was sited, by that time all the late comers are already arriving from their various homes. Now it was time for prayer, as the pastor approach the pulpit everybody rose to their foot.

    Today is 7th, the first day of our 7th, 8th, and 9th monthly prayer program. everybody was ready for prayer. We had sang for about 15minutes when the pastor started speaking in tongue. God is amidst us,he started singing "Mabo oluwa wa fi agbara re han,sokale oluwa wa fi agbara re han" which means "come down oh lord and manifest your power,come down oh lord and ,manifest your power"
    As he was singing the song the holy ghost descended on him and he continue speaking in tongue. after some minutes God revealed a prophesy to him which he delivered immediately. after the prayer, we did all what was listed on the program list and share the grace. My mom and i walked home together discussing how God has used pastor Gabriel today, God use him in another dimension today. When we got home, my mom sat me down to have a word with me. She warn me and advice me as the pastor instructed avery mothers in the church. I listened carefully and promise her to be a good girl wherever i find myself.

    She ordered me to put water on fire to make Eba for the egusi soup she had prepared before going to church. I picked up a bucket to fetch water first because there was no water at home. After fetching 3 bucket of water i quickly light the stove and put the water on fire. About 15minutes later the water started boiling so i call on my mom to make the Eba.she look at me with a kind of eye that make me feel bad.
    MOM: Juliet, Juliet, Juliet. So you cant prepare ordinary Eba? ** I kept mute** and she continued.

    tell me where do you want to take this to..... hmmm know have been telling you to learn how to prepare food, it is when you get to your husband house before you understand what am saying.
    ** she hiss on me and walked straight to the kitchen** I am the only daughter of my family and since i was a child i have been restricted from doing pety pety jobs in the house because then we are very rich that we had people working for us only that the one taken care of the kitchen stuffs just left a month ago. I hardly cook food in the house, i am only good at preparing indomie** Not up to a minute i hard a knock on our door, i open it and it was brother samuel, a family friend. Very jovial as usually he create a folly, we both laugh and he got sited.

    "Ha Ha bro samuel it been a while i see you, how is everything in osun state" i asked
    "wo Aburo everything is fine o, we are managing" he replied
    "Hmm Hmm manging as how don't you see how fresh you are (Youth service good ooo) " i said with laughter filled my mouth. **He joined me in laughing.
    " Mummy told me you have been admited to University Of ILORIN" he ask
    "yes oo" i replied
    "Wow, that's great congratulations o" He congratulate me
    "thanks bro" i replied
    "Hmm Hmm Unilorin, Unilorin UnilOrin. What a great school to be" ** Bro samuel was a graduate of Unilorin so he knows all the culture and tradition of the University.

    Me: PlEASE tell me about Unilorin
    ** Bro samuel told me many things about Unilorin, he told me Unilorin is a good school and told me some of their rules and regulation. He told me to be very careful with guys in school that with this my beautiful face and skin i will attract many guys and they will ask me out but i shouldn't give room for them.**
    Bro samuel: what course were you given?
    Bro samuel: POL. SCIENCE!, wow thats cool. But you will have to be very serious because to study POLITICAL SCIENCE is not easy especially in the University of ilorin. One of my friend graduated from that department last year(20**) with a second class lower. The department only produce two second class upper with lots of second class lower and third class.
    ** He told me about their lecturers in the department how wicked and dangerous they are. We discuss many things and he promise to talk to his friend to at least maybe once in a week be given me tutorial on those complex courses i will offer.**
    Me: Thank you very much bro
    Bro samuel: No, its nothing, what about mummy
    **He greatted her and took his leave. I sat down for some minutes thinking about all what he told me but i remembered in his word that he would talk to Bro Tunde on teaching me those courses that seems difficult**

    Me: No problem jo, Bro Tunde will take care of that.
    **Then I rushed to the kitchen to join my mom**

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