Despite All Odds.....Episode 3

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    After some months, the long awaited admission list came out and i was short-listed with the first batch to study POLITICAL SCIENCE. That does not really surprise me because it was actually expected. Back then in my secondary school days, i used to be the head girl owing to my brilliance but at the same time i was very happy at least knowing fully well that i am now an undergraduate. I will do things on my own without no interruption from my parents, after all mom will not live in school with me.

    After checking the university portal to confirm, i quickly purchased mtn recharge card beside my mum's shop to call my boy friend to share the good news with him. I was about doing this when his call entered and i picked it immediately.
    "Hello what sup" i said
    "Am good love, guess what?" he said with a happy tone
    " won today's match?" i asked
    "No No NO.....try again"
    "Have you been given the money promised by your uncle ?" i guessed again
    " are not good at guessing" he said
    "You know am not good at it.....ehn ehn Gbenga i have a good news for you" i replied with a cool smile"
    "I also have a good news for you but as the old saying goes, ladies first"
    I told him about my admission, he was very happy and we rejoiced together because he had also been admitted two weeks ago to study microbiology in OAU.**

    "This call for celebration" i said
    "Yes we have to celebrate it" he replied happily.
    He asked if i am at home and requested going out for lunch with him,i accepted and we fixed a time to meet and a venue was picked. Few days passed, as resumption approached, preparation was going on and my dad was not around as usual. My dad is a very busy business man who travels to many states for business purposes, my mom told him about my success of gaining an admission. Of course, he was happy and he promised to send money for my school fees together with my shopping fee, as it is known to everybody that when one gets admission he/she will need to change wardrobe and some stuffs to look good in school. My dad warned me to face my studies, to remember the home i come from, never join bad gang and not to have any affair with any body in school because am too small for that, on hearing that i just smiled.

    How would he ask a 20 years old pretty girl not to be in a relationship, after all i am a decent girl and i know what am doing. I am still a virgin at my age and have never kissed a guy in my life let alone making love with anyone. This is just my first relationship with Gbenga and have not had anything serious with him. Two weeks to resumption, i am already set for school. I have bought everything I will be needing as a student. for my mind. Unilorin must feel my presence. If only I knew what awaited me

    ****..To Be CONTINUED..****
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