Despite All Odds.....Episode 2

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    I couldn't figure out how I got smitten by his love and I ended the day thinking about him.
    My fillings for him feelings kept increasing to the extent that he noticed I had strong feelings for him. I do call him times without number daily to hear from him and also make night calls.

    One fateful day, I called Gbenga to know how he was doing as usual, but what got me shocked was the weird question he retorted with after the exchange of pleasantries.
    ''Hello; good morning, how was your night?'' He asked
    ''It was splendid ooo. And yours?" I replied and asked with silky voice.
    ''Well, it was okay as well." He replied.
    "You know what? I just feel like hearing your unique
    voice." I said with the expectation of hearing complimentary words from him, but it was otherwise.

    "Really? That's good! In fact, I have to been hoping to ask you a question on this note; Tope, I notice you always call me, chat with me these days, and even come to see me at work some times. Though, it's a normal thing, but I'm getting confused. Hope you are not having funny feelings for me; love to be precise?" He asked.

    I was taken aback by his question and felt embarrassed.
    ''What sort of question is that? What do you mean? It's not your fault anyway." I replied with a harsh voice which I did not mean to use.
    ''I'm sorry, but I can't just... "
    I instantly ended the call without giving him any chance to finish his statement
    "But Juliet, why? You should have listened to him. You should have allowed him speak his mind instead of acting harsh or better still let your mind be known" I blamed myself for my outrageous act for not letting him know how I feel about him.

    Throughout the day, I wasn't myself, then I decided to call him again in the night to tender my apology for my furious reaction and at the same time explain how I was feeling. The apology was done which he granted wholeheartedly and afterwards, I made my stand known to him.
    "There has been something that I have been keeping from you because I didn't know how to open it up to you"
    ''And what is that? oro ko ki n tobi ju ki a fi obe bu (no matter how heavy an issue is, one needs say it so it gets addressed).'' He replied and I started getting nervous...
    " though, I have developed interest in you right from our secondary school days, but I didn't know how to express it. Sincerely, ever since I set my eyes on you again, I have never been myself, I can't just stop thinking about you. Your picture has always filled my heart. I think I am in love with you Gbenga.'' I confessed.

    "Hmmmmm! Really?'' He replied silkly.
    ''Yes, I mean it. Hope you won't mind taking our friendship to the next level?'' I stylishly requested.
    "Like seriously! I can't just believe what I just heard. C'on, you are the best! I salute your courage for expressing your mind, because most girls shy away from it and lose their dream man as a result of that. I had intention of saying this, but I was afraid of you turning me down which could lead to friendship break up. Now that you have raised the the issue, then we are in together."
    He accepted my request immediately without even thinking about it which of course I knew he couldn't right from the onset, because my killing body with great curves which I inherited from my mother couldn't let a man take his eyes off me. In fact, the number of guys that do disturb me per day were unccountable, but I was only blindfolded by Gbenga's love.

    I was very happy with his reaction and pleased by his words.
    The call was ended after some minutes.
    "Hmmm! So, he was feeling same way, but he didn't want to bell the cat! Guys sha!" I thought.
    I couldn't just believe I did it. My mind came to rest and my face was lighten up with smiles. Then, I slept off.

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