Despite All Odds.....Episode 10

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    EPISODE 10

    After my phone had rang twice, the third time i decided to pick it.
    Me: Hello, Good afternoon ma
    MoM: How are you?...hope you are back from school?
    Me: fine ma, yes am back
    MoM: where are you now?
    Me: i just left home few minutes ago, i want to get the fish you ask me to buy.
    MOM: Good...that is why i called. Buy 3 pieces of the one of 200naira.
    Me: owk ma....when will you be back?
    Mom: in Two hours time
    Me: Owk ma. *She drop the call and i sighed.*
    Me: Gbenga, i will have to go home now. My mom will soon be back and she sent me an errand which i have to do before her arrival.
    Gbenga: owk
    He accompanied me home and when i got to our gate he kissed me and said bye which i reciprocated.
    The following day, i was sitting at one corner of the class studying and waiting for the lecturer in charge of the next lecture when Desmond came to me.
    DESMOND: Hello pretty, what sup?
    ME: Am cool
    I replied and turned back my face to the book i was reading. We had started lectures fully and i need to start preparing now because very soon the timetable for C.A will be out. He was still in my front. He sat down beside me.
    DESMOND: Can i just talk with you
    ME: yes **i put aside the book and face him** please do you understand this two course. ENG 115 and ENG 117, am really having problem with those two courses.
    DESMOND: HMmm...No problem, maybe after the class we should go to the library or a cool environment so we can treat some topics of the two courses. Am not that Good in it o but i know at least i can do something on both.
    ME: Thanks.....what about what you said you want to discuss with me.
    DESMOND: yes i.......(before he could say anything, the lecturer came in and everyone in the class keep mute)
    The lecture started and it got to a point where the lecturer made mention of a question, she asked the general class and said if no one could answer this she would point to anyone and if he or she is unable to answer the question the whole class will pay for it. She would deduct 20Marks from everybody. The class had a drop of a pin silence for about 15seconds. The lecturer pointed at my direction.
    LECTURER: You tell me, what is the answer?
    I looked back too see if she was referring to the person sitting behind me but unfortunately, i was the one she called. i was surprised she pointed at me because i did not know the answer to the question. I had been standing for about 5seconds when DESMOND whispered to me so i quickly said what Desmond said as i don't know what to say and i needed to say something at least to save the class from the deduction of the mark she had promise. Luckily i got it right and all the class hailed me. I happily got seated and after the class Desmond and i walked up to the Library. When we got there Desmond suggested we sit under the tree close to the library and we made our way towards the tree. On getting there instead of we discussing about educational matter as we have planed He was stylishly asking me out which really got me angry.
    Without letting him finish the news he was casting to my hears, i turned him down immediately and left the place with the state of exasperation.
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