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    You deserve some pieces of advice!
    You can't just start blogging without been advised! No, I won't let that happen.
    I have featured many bloggers to know the most mistakes that they made in their earliest years of blogging. The root of all the mistakes is traced to be: "not been advised"
    Why would you now think I would let you go into blogging without giving you the gist?
    Among the top pieces of advice that you may ever find are what I have given below. I don't want to force you to follow them; but I implore you, for they will make your blogging career sweeter than honey.

    #1. Know your "why" of blogging
    The number one reason why the successful bloggers are succeeding is that they know their aim of blogging, and they stick to it.
    "Why do you want to blog?" This is the first question I ask people who come for blogging mentorship. Use this opportunity to answer that question too.
    Knowing your "why" of blogging will serve as a guideline or watchword to your blogging career. You would be more focused on any dream you have for blogging... And this would make you a successful blogger, in no time.

    #2. Build passion for blogging
    I can't really say if I had a passion or not when I started blogging in 2015. I only woke up one day to discover that blogging has become part of me.
    Families and friends discouraged me from blogging. But I didn't quit; my passion was stronger than their discouragements.
    Even if you don't have the passion at the start, you can build it while you come up.
    The point is that you need to have a passion for blogging. Your passion will help you make as much money as you can.

    #3. Have more than enough patience
    Remember that cliché: the patient dog eats the fattest bone? Yeah... That's how it is.
    You need to be more patient, as a blogger. You need to persevere a lot.
    Only the frustration from "not getting traffic" is enough to put a stop to blogging? (And which has, of course, put an end to people's career). Is it "before one makes money from blogging" that I should say? Or "little post engagement"?
    You can blog for years without making a dime. Sorry about that!
    But time heals all wounds. Only the patient bloggers make it to the top.
    And believe me; once you start making money, you make it forever till you're tired to make more.

    #4. Be consistence
    Consistency is one of the keys to succeed in any business, be it offline or online.
    You should be consistent in your blogging career. Schedule your time well, and plan ahead.
    It's not necessary you update your blog daily. It can be once in a week. Just don't forget the rule of consistency.
    Neil Patel said, “Consistency is one of the most important things that bloggers tend to forget. It’s much easier to lose your traffic than it is to build it up, so make sure you consistently blog”.

    #5. Build relationships with your readers (and other bloggers, too)
    This is called "smart blogging". It is one of the ways of the successful bloggers.
    You should know who your favorite readers are, and what they do when they visit your blog. This will give you the insight of what you will be posting on your blog - for they are your unique readers.
    Google search console (one of the tools that successful bloggers use) can help you with this.
    Don't leave out other bloggers too. Interact with them. Join the community they are in. Let them feel your existence. But don't spam!

    Not only these. Encourage your readers to follow you on social Medias, and follow them too. Be social and friendly to them. Build a positive relationship with them.
    By doing this, you're building your trust in them. You will see the results later, and I'm sure you would thank me.

    #6. Never make these mistakes
    Nobody is above mistake, this true. But when a mistake is identified, it shouldn't be made anymore.
    If you are already a fan of my blog, you should observe I interviewed 5 top bloggers to tell us their deadliest mistakes. Mistakes that almost led to their destructions.
    But for their passion, they learned to overcome those mistakes. They are now top bloggers today... And tomorrow.

    Not only this,
    I also compiled 15 common mistakes newbie bloggers make. That makes it 20. You can avoid all these mistakes only when you know them, and that makes your blogging career very smooth.

    #7. Reply to comments, even negative ones
    One of the things that could make your new visitor a returning one is when you reply to his comments (as fast as possible).
    It's pretty hard to get comments from a blog that's not popular yet. But when you start to get comments, always reply to them as fast as possible.

    WHAT THE FUCK! Couldn’t he message me privately?

    Sometimes you feel discouraged from what your people say, but I'm telling you; reply their comments in a way that you encourage yourself. Nothing good comes easy.

    #8. Always ask questions – let Google be your best friend

    You will pave the way to your own success when you don't keep silence at what you don't know.
    Nobody taught me blogging physically. Questions were what I asked that bring me to this level.
    Google was (and is still) my friend.
    I understand some top bloggers don't attend to questions. They don't because there are so many dumb questions being asked. Questions you can ask on search engines like Google and get answers within a second, don't ask them. They are busy doing some other stuff.
    By asking questions, you will learn more and become better at blogging.

    #9. Help other people

    Give away your knowledge. Never be afraid to showcase what you know, claiming it is a "secret". There's no secret in the world again, where there is unlimited access to the Internet.
    Helps you render to people is part of building relationships. Whey they enjoy your help, they remember you - most especially, your blog.

    #10. Have a side job

    Yes! I advise you have a side job you do too; a side job that will not drive away your focus for blogging. A side job that will give you the opportunity to write and publish your blog posts.
    Many successful bloggers who went into blogging without a side job (when they first started) had some foods in their cupboards, that was why they did not jump out hurriedly.
    Before you start to make money from your blog, you have to be financially stable. You could also need some money to boost the success of your blog, and many other unforeseen circumstances.
    Remember the point: have a side job that will give you time to update your blog.

    #11. Never copy-paste contents

    Seen a lot of bloggers who can go any length to copy someone else's post, just to make sure their blogs are updated. This is a wrong deal!
    You must not be a copy-paste blogger. Instead, find out what others are doing on their blogs and check if you can do the same. Get ideas from their posts, and write yours. Don't copy their contents - it's a foul in blogging.
    Besides, we already discussed that Google bots are able to detect duplicate contents and hence, hates this. So, stay away from this habit if you want to become a better blogger.

    #12. Beware of downloaded images with copyright

    I was the one who advised you to use relevant images in your blog posts. But do you know you can be sued for using images with copyright? I bet you don't.
    Copyright images are the images that are legally owned by companies and individuals (known as authors), and may only be sold or used by permit.
    I have seen a blogger who was sued for using copyright images. There are websites you can download free images to use in your blog posts. These kinds of images can be used for any purpose, without the fear of being charged.

    #13. Build your email list right from start
    Among the necessary things you need to do when you're building your blog is to plan to build your email list. It's the number bet of traffic and sales to your blog. I can't stress the importance of email list enough! That is one of the mistakes I made when I started my blog. And, I still regret it today. It wasn't my fault though. No one was there to tell me this. But now, I'm telling you. Build your email list immediately you are through with your blog set up.

    #14. Enable social share buttons

    Social share buttons like this one below will help your readers share your blog posts to their favorite social media accounts. This lets your blog becomes more popular, and it means more traffic for you.

    #15. Make your blog post friendly to readers

    Whenever you're writing a blog post, always write like you're telling a story. Make it simple and readable for your readers. You're not writing for bots, you're writing for humans.

    • Arrange your blog posts into headings and subheadings
    • Bullet or number your points
    • Put in block quotes, italicize, underline, and bold important texts.

    Write your posts as if you're talking to your readers physically. Let them enjoy your posts as much as possible. That way, your new reader will become a returning one.

    #16. Start building links immediately
    One of the factors that search engines look into, to rank a blog higher is backlinks.
    Backlinks are links that you get from other blogs or websites. You gain a backlink when another website mentions your blog link on their blog.
    For now, you don't need to know the deep meaning of backlinks. But I advise you, read articles about building backlinks.

    #17. Give credits where it is due

    If you have ever used someone else's content (fact, image, graph, chart, or parts of post), give credit to the author.
    How do you give credit?
    Mention their names as the copyright owner, or do them well by giving them a link to the source of the content.
    Although I'm not used to using someone else's images, but any content that I use that does not belong to me, I give credits to the author.

    Giving credits will not make you a thief, and makes you and your blog be trusted.

    #18. When inspirations strike, jot them down
    Inspiration strikes at any moment, and also leaves anytime.
    Immediately you get an idea of something, jot it down in a notepad. It could be a blog post idea, design idea, networking idea, social media idea... In fact, any kind of idea that will contribute to the success of your blog is needed to be jotted down.
    Jot them down because when inspiration leaves you without notice.

    #19. Get used to writing long-form contents
    Writing long-form content means you're writing unique and longer posts of about 1,500 words.
    You should create long-form content because it will get you more of what you want: more online visibility (social shares, links), more proof of your authority and industry expertise, and more material for altruistic community building and engagement.
    Many bloggers find this hard, but I want to advise you get used to it. You will thank me later for telling you this.

    #20. Walk away when you need a rest - but don't give up
    With this, I will round up this post.
    Walk away from your blog when you need a rest. You, a newbie can't continuously blog for a year without feeling restless. Don't force yourself to do it. Take a break.
    But, don't take a too long break. Every person's know what works for him. Using myself as an example; if I take a break in something for so long, I find it hard to resume back.

    Never give up on blogging. It's among the surest ways to fight financial freedom.

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