Akinbo Akintunde Hezekiah Latest Scammer in town

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    Internet Marketer Akinbo Akintunde Hezekiah Claims to be the owner of Dgr8cali Innovations which specializes on Web Hosting, Web Design, Bulk Sms Services, Information Product Marketing has be accused of scam..

    The recent allegations placed on Akinbo by three different internet marketers accusing him of scams.

    According to an Imer named Ijegu Jacob Ogbaji, he revealed he scammed him over 300,000 naira:
    I want you to publish something about Akinbo Hezekiah Akintunde
    He is a Christian whom is never a true Christian based on the fact that, he turn into chameleon on peoples monies when he is paid for services which many report got to me and several times ,I stood for him and make him pay back as a friend.
    It happened recently, he started selling PayPal dollar and I bought from him, paid him naira.
    After few days, PayPal reviewed the flow of the transactions and reversed it back to his account which he confirmed.
    I asked him to return my Naira and he told me in the public he will not refund my naira and that I should do what I like.
    The money am talking about in dollar is $489 at the rate of #420/$ when I bought from him.
    All effort to make him understand is aborted.
    As if that is not enough, I host my website ijoexchange*com
    On his hosting plan with active account not yet expired,he went and drop the site two months ago til date.
    His proof:

    After his claims, another internet marketer named Osazee Kelvin wrote:

    Akinbo Akintunde Hezekiah is a scammer.
    From now on, he seizes to be my friend.
    I've been showing mercy on him thinking he will change, no he didn't
    He can't scam me, but he has scammed lots of people with proofs, after scamming, he'll now promise to be paying gradually when he sees the heat.

    He did same with Elvis Uzoma, Mr Jacob Ijegu and many more ..

    Here is the scammer facebook profile link - https://web.facebook.com/AkinboAkintundeHezekiah/?ref=br_rs

    Save your hard earn money
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