Abubakar ibrahim internet Scammer

Discussion in 'Ponzi & Dangerous Investment' started by Olayanju Kabir, Jun 26, 2017.

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  1. Olayanju Kabir

    Olayanju Kabir Itz Kofem Staff Member

    Beware of a Notorious Scammer, Abubakar ibrahim, he has been scamming people around all in the name of selling bitcoins, Deal save and save your hard earn money.... If you saw anybody like him report him to the nearest Police station ..

    Here is the Bank Details and whatsapp Number of the scammer

    Account Name Abubakar ibrahim

    Account Number : 6552268647

    Bank: Fidelity Bank

    Whatsapp Number : 09069774834

  2. Texte

    Texte New Member

    This is now getting out of hand with all these scammers showing face around and being persuasive that they're into real deal. May Allah SWT save us from those wrong doing people for the sake of money.
  3. Olayanju Kabir

    Olayanju Kabir Itz Kofem Staff Member

    Amen Bro.... When most choose to work they choose to rob people of there hard earn money..... They forget heaven and choose to run after lively things....

    If we can't stop them, at least posting there name acros forum and Blogs will go a long way to help many of us from get rob of our hard Earn money....

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