8 factors you need to know before you apply for AdSense

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    It will take a lot of very hard work on your part. Google rejects about 93% of all sites submitted for acceptance. Most applicants do not want to work that hard, all they want is to give them some magical secret to approve Adsense without Working. Here is 8 factors you need to know before you apply for AdSense

    #1- You Should have Website/Blog

    For affiliate marketing you mostly need not have any website, you can promote the affiliate link on social and promotional site. But for Google AdSense having website is must, it is the best place where you display the ads. And the most important factor is you should have the administrative access, because even if you apply for AdSense using other’s person website URL then you will not be able to place the JavaScript ad code for review process.

    If you don’t have your own website, Google offers some services that help you to create website for free.Blogger, It’s a free blogging tool with which you can publish your own blog. In this your blog URL would be like www*websitename*blogspot*com you can also set a custom domain . To start blog on BlogSpot you don’t need any tool, it is easy to use and understand. Once your BlogSpot blog become eligible, you can apply for AdSense, after it is approved easily set up AdSense ads through your Blogger account.Google AdSense Account Sign Up requires Gmail account you better have one.

    #2- You must have Valid payee name

    This is very important part as you can’t change it later. You should enter same name which your bank accept as they send the payout to the name on your account.

    #3- You must have Valid address

    This comes to use when AdSense team sends you PIN to verify your address. If you entered invalid address how will you get the PIN and verify your address for receiving payment checks. If you live in a country or territory that doesn’t have a standard format for addresses, please be sure that your application includes as much information as a mailman would need to find your residence.

    #4- You must have Valid Website URL

    Always gives the URL of home page. If you manage a blog or other account within a larger website, you should provide the URL of the specific page that you manage and not the URL of the entire hosting website. Please check the typos of website URL.

    #5- Your Website must be live

    Before entering the website URL make sure it completely activated. If the entered site is not online AdSense employee won’t able to review the website and finally they have to reject your request. So make sure your site is live after submitting your application.

    #6- You should generate Unique content

    Google is a search engine company so it want the visitor to have a good experience after reading the site referred by it. You must publish unique and interesting articles.

    I know some site contained copied content and even then they have AdSense approved. This happens for sometime, when Google notices this condition they may disable the account for lifetime or send the warning to correct the fault. Below is an example of warning sent to me for one of my site, later I corrected it.

    #7- Supported language

    Google AdSense will only approve your application if it’s written in supported languages. This is the first step, if your website’s language is supported they move a head else straightway you’re rejected.

    #8- Don’t opt for Paid Traffic

    If you’re receiving after paying some third party agency, then I must say you are the eligible one. If you’re a part of programs that encourage readers “to click” or “to surf” or “to read email.” I suggest never stop this if you’re involved.

    I advice you read AdSense program policies more number of times and then apply for AdSense account. I guess these aren’t too difficult and if you’re first time then don’t mind to reapply for AdSense. Many bloggers the AdSense approved after first chance.
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