10 Ways To Make Your Woman Love You Forever

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    1. Call her first thing in the morning after your morning prayers and tell her, how she mean the whole world to you.

    2. Buy her precious gifts like once in a month, i.e 12 Precious Gifts in a Year

    3. Be Romantic! Call her sweet names like Sugar Pie, Cherie Pie, Mon
    Ame, Beauty Queen, Tom Tom, 1st Lady, My World, Ifemi ( that's my favourite) etc.

    4. Take her out for a walk, even if it is in Telemu or your state doesn't have a beach, game reserves, etc just take her out to anywhere nice.

    5. Have the habit of calling her more than 3 times a day unless you know she will be busy. Don't follow the normal African mentality of calling your woman once a day, be creative and learn how to tell her "I LOVE YOU" before going to bed... It's very Important

    6. Give her a surprise Dinner Date, don't just go and start announcing or bragging about a schedule dinner date with her..

    7. Visit her family house, even if her parents are the military type, try and be a part of her family, no matter what it may cost you.

    8. Take her also to your Family house, woman need security in every
    Relationship or Courtship, let her be protected, comfortable, loved by your family members.

    9. Always learn to trust her, believe her, love her, adore her, cherish her, value her, bragged about her, and be proud of her.

    10. This is compulsory: Make sure you have her account number saved on your phone, infact I will advice you know it off hand, so as to be paying tithe to the account after your normal tithe to God, as your financial ability carries..
    Always send her Airtime credit, on your financial ability..
    Try this and see the magic!
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